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Undergraduate Current Students | University of New South Wales

The Sydney Opera House
Sydney, Australia

University of New South Wales

Study away in Sydney at University of New South Wales, situated near the business hub of Australia's largest city.

Program Overview

About University of New South Wales

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The University of New South Wales is renowned for the quality of graduates and its commitment to new and creative approaches to education and research. Its motto, Scientia Manu et Mente (“Knowledge by Hand and Mind”), encapsulates the University's central philosophy of balancing the practical and the scholarly. The University also enjoys the reputation of Australia's leading international university with over 200 sister university partnerships around the world, amongst many other international activities. UNSW has developed strong research relationships and student exchange programs with these international partners. UNSW has approximately 40,000 students including over 9,000 international students, from over 165 different countries and an additional 1,900 international students in pre-University programs. Located in Sydney, the University of New South Wales is situated near the business hub of Australia's largest city, providing easy access to a wide range of academic, cultural and social activities, and less than 5 km from some of the most famous beaches in the world. The 38 hectare Kensington site, the main UNSW campus, consists of state-of-the-art faculty and service facilities that combine to provide an ideal educational and communal environment for all students. 


Term Dates

The University of New South Wales offers IBEX opportunities in fall and spring semesters.

  • When planning for your program at UNSW, you must choose in advance how many courses (3 or 4) you want to take. This decision will dictate when you need to arrive at UNSW:
    • Spring semester:
      • Option 1: Tailored Term 1, which runs from the first week in January through mid-May. This option consists of taking one course during UNSW's January Term (JT) and three courses during Term 1 (T1). This allows students to take a total of four courses that will transfer back to NYU Stern as 16 credits.
      • Option 2: Term 1 only, which runs from mid-February through mid-May. This option consists of taking three courses that will transfer back to NYU Stern as 12 credits.
    • Fall semester:
      • Option 1: Tailored Term 3, which runs from mid-August through mid-December. This option consists of taking one course during UNSW's August Term (AT) and three courses during Term 3 (T3). This allows students to take a total of four courses that will transfer back as 16 credits.
      • Option 2: Term 3 only, which runs from mid-September through mid-December. This option consists of taking three courses that will transfer back as 12 credits.

Dates are approximate and may be subject to change.


Housing and Living Costs

  • Housing: UNSW guarantees campus accommodation for you, as an exchange student.  Meals are included and the cost is approximately AU$8,500/semester (5 months). You can also find off-campus shared apartments without a meal plan and costs are approximately AU$250 – 450/week.
  • Food: approximately AU$100/week.
  • Books: AU$500 – 750/semester.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC): approximately AU$242/semester (required for all international students in Australia).
  • Visa: approximately AU$550 which also grants you the right to work in Australia while studying.

AU$ = Australian Dollars

Find out more about IBEX tuition, housing, and other logistics.


Language of Instruction



Student Services

The student services available to exchange students include:

  • Airport reception
  • Temporary accommodation and transfers on arrival
  • International student housing assistance
  • Orientation program
  • Social and recreational activities

Academic Information

If you are accepted to IBEX, you will attend two individual advising meetings to plan and revise your schedule: one with NYU Stern Academic Advising and one with the NYU Stern International Programs team. As you build your academic schedule for your semester abroad, carefully review and consider the following course information. Please note that UNSW requires a minimum 3.0 GPA for all exchange students.


IBEX Course Information

  • You may take a full semester of business classes while abroad on IBEX.
  • Leave room for at least two general electives in your schedule. This allows you to:
    • Take interesting, location-specific courses not offered at Stern, and
    • Have more flexibility during the course registration process.
  • Reference the IBEX Course Guide: What you can or cannot take.
    • You can take a maximum of two classes per concentration.
    • Accounting courses cannot be taken for credit toward the Accounting or CPA majors/concentrations.
    • All IBEX grades will transfer back to NYU Stern as Pass/Fail.


Previously Approved Courses

  • Listed below are courses that were taken previously by Stern IBEX students and have already been approved for a specific NYU equivalent.
  • There is no guarantee that the courses listed here will be offered during the specific semester you study abroad. It is important to be flexible. Have a Plan A and Plan B and the space to take some electives.
  • If a course is already listed below as approved, it does not need to be reviewed again, unless you want to see if it will count towards a new requirement.


Finding New Courses

  • You are not limited to only taking the courses listed on this page.
  • If you see a course on UNSW’s website that you would like to take, but is not listed below, you must submit the syllabus to Stern’s International Programs team for approval.
  • Once UNSW publishes its confirmed courses for the semester you will be attending, you can revise your list as needed based on what is being offered.
  • UNSW has an academic calendar that you can explore to get a sense of future courses. To get a sense of future fall semester courses, review the August 2020 Tailored Term 3 course offerings (pick one) and the UNSW Online Course Search (pick three offered in the T3 column). To get a sense of the future spring semester courses by viewing the UNSW Tailored Terms Courses Booklet (pick one for Tailored Term 1) and the UNSW Online Course Search (pick three classes offered in the T1 column for Term 1).


List of Approved Courses

Course Title AbroadNYU CreditsCourse Equivalent at NYUSemester Taken

 ARTS 2871 - Power and Powerlessness

4Texts and IdeasFall 2022
LAWS3326 Theories of Law and Justice4Texts and IdeasFall 2020
ARTS2542 Gods, Heroines and Heroes of Greek Myths4Texts and IdeasFall 2020
ARTS1361 Mind, Ethics, and Freedom: Introduction to Philosophy4Texts and IdeasSpring 2020
ARTS 1031 Reading Through Time: Literature from the Renaissance to Postmodernity4Texts and IdeasFall 2019
Introducing Moral, Social and Political Philosophy4Texts and IdeasSpring 2019

 ARTS2281: Ancient Egypt and Western Asia

4BPE Area Studies ElectiveSpring 2024

 Introduction to the Sydney Environment


 BPE Area Studies Elective

Spring 2024
GENL1063 Terror and Religion4Cultures and ContextsSpring 2022
ARTS1211: Australia's Asian Context4Cultures and ContextsSpring 2020
ARTS1780 Concepts of Europe4Cultures and ContextsFall 2019
ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia4Cultures and ContextsFall 2019
ATSI1012 Aboriginal Sydney4Cultures and ContextsFall 2019
PHYS1121 Physics 1A4Natural ScienceFall 2024
BABS 1111 Big Fat Myths4Natural ScienceFall 2019
BEES6601 Introduction to the Sydney Environment4Natural ScienceSpring 2019
SOLA1070 SOLA Sustainable Energy4Natural ScienceFall 2019
MSCI0501 The Marine Environment4Natural ScienceSpring 2020
MSCI2001 Introductory Marine Science4Natural ScienceSpring 2019

 MARK3092 Brand Management


 General Stern Elective

Spring 2024
AVIA1901 Aviation Transport Economics4General Stern ElectiveFall 2018
AVIA2601 Aviation Operations Research4General Stern ElectiveFall 2018
AVIA2801 Regional and General Aviation4General Stern ElectiveFall 2018
ADAD2610 Art and Design for Environmental Challenges4Sustainable Business Co-ConcentrationFall 2019
COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact4Sustainable Business (Discipline Area)Fall 2019

 ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1



Spring 2024

 ECON3124 Behavioural Economics


 Advanced Economics Elective

Spring 2024
ECON3119 Political Economy of Capitalism4Advanced Economics ElectiveFall 2018
ECON3130 Real Estate Economics and Public Policy4Advanced Economics Elective Fall 2018

 FINS3633 - Real Estate Finance

4FINC-UB 38 Real Estate Capital Markets Fall 2022

 FINS3655 - Behavioural Finance

4FINC-UB 29 Behavioral FinanceFall 2022
FINS3648 - Banking, Finance and Technology4Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2022
FINS3637 - Wealth Management Advice & Ethics4Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2022
FINS2643 - Wealth Management and Client Engagement4Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2022
FINS3616 International Business Finance4FINC-UB 30 International Financial ManagementSpring 2022
FINS3623 Venture Capital4Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2024

 MARK2052 Marketing Research

4MKTG-UB 9 Consumer InsightsFall 2024
MARK6105 Relationship Marketing and Customer Relationship Management4Advanced Marketing ElectiveSpring 2019
MARK1012 Marketing Fundamentals4MKTG-UB 1 Introduction to MarketingFall 2014, Spring 2020
MGMT2721 Managing People4MGMT-UB 7.001 Managing People & Teams at WorkFall 2022

 MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills

4MGMT-UB 30 Negotiation and Consensus BuildingFall 2022
MGMT3003 Global Entrepreneurship4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2019
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment4Advanced Management ElectiveFall 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020

 COMM1150 Global Business Environments


 Advanced Management Elective

Spring 2024
MGMT2001 Managing Innovation & Change4Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2016
MGMT2102 Managing Across Cultures4Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2021
MGMT1001 Managing Organizations & People4MGMT-UB 1 Management and OrganizationsFall 2020
MGMT2004 Managing Organizational Behavior4MGMT-UB 1 Management and OrganizationsSpring 2021
GENL0231 - Law in the Digital Age4Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveSpring 2022
COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals4Advanced Computing & Data Sciences Elective (cannot count towards Courant Elective)Fall 2020
INFS1609 Fundamentals of Business Programming4Advanced Computing & Data Sciences Elective (cannot count towards Courant Elective)Fall 2020
INFS2609 Programming for Business4Advanced Computing & Data Sciences Elective (cannot count towards Courant Elective)Fall 2020
INFS3603 Introduction to Business Analytics4Advanced Computing & Data Science ElectiveSpring 2019
INFS1602 Digital Transformation in Business4INFO-UB 1 Info Tech in Business & SocietyFall 2018
MGMT2726 Business Ethics and Sustainability4SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL) OR Sustainable Business Co-ConcentrationFall 2019

 Graphics 1: Image and Type

4General Non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2024

 SOCY20412 Youth Politics and Activism in Contemporary Europe


 General Non-Stern Elective

Spring 2024

 DART1100- Studio Art Practice 1


 General Non-Stern Elective 

Spring 2024

 HUMS1008 Music on my Mind: Psychology and Music

4General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022

 PSYC1029 Psychobiology of Sex, Love, and Attraction

4General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022

 HUMS1011 Experiencing Sydney Crime




General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022