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First-Year Checklist and Schedule

Most of the items in this checklist and schedule pertain specifically to NYU Stern. NYU Welcome will be your resource for important deadlines, links, and resources to help you get ready for other aspects of your experience here at NYU. Keep an eye on updates from NYU Welcome and your NYU email address throughout the summer for important communications and additional to-dos in preparation for beginning your NYU Stern journey! 💜


Upon Deposit | Activate Your NYU Email and NYU Home 

Activate your NYUHome account at Then go to (VPN log-in required) to access your NYU email account, familiarize yourself with Albert, the student information and course registration system you use to register for courses, and complete your Housing forms if needed. 

When making your summer plans, keep in mind that you will need internet access at several points. Please get in the habit of checking your email regularly, and keep your email address current and updated in Albert.

Early May | Connect with Your Classmates at NYU Stern 

Join the official NYU Stern Class of 2027 Discord group. Introduce yourself, join the conversation, and get excited to start your journey at NYU Stern. Start following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter too!

Mid-to-Late May | Send Your AP Scores to NYU (if applicable)

If you took AP exams but did not designate NYU as a school that should receive your AP scores when registering for the exam(s), know that for AP exams to be applied for any advanced standing credit, you must have the College Board send those AP scores to NYU. Check out our policy for advanced standing credit.

Late May | Email from NYU Stern Academic Advising on Class Registration

By late May, you can anticipate that NYU Stern's Academic Advising office will send information to your NYU email on the date and time you can register for your fall semester, as well as sessions they'll host to answer your questions. Spoiler alert: you'll be able to register on Wednesday, June 14 at 9:00 AM ET. In the meantime, learn how to select an appropriate schedule for your first semester by reviewing your Fall Class Registration Information for your specific degree program (coming soon!).

Review NYU Welcome for more important deadlines in May.


Review and complete April/May to-dos.

Early June | Review Your Fall Class Registration Information

Learn how to select an appropriate schedule for your first semester. Your Fall Class Registration Information for your specific degree program will set you up to be ready to register for classes. 

Early June | Academic Advising Pre-Registration Zoom-in Meeting Times

We encourage you to Zoom-in with any questions or concerns you have regarding registration and course selection for the fall with members of your Stern Academic Advising Team. Advising Zoom-in dates and times are as follows (all times ET):

Friday, June 9: 10:00 AM–12:00 PM and 2:30–4:30 PM
Monday, June 12: 10:00 AM–12:00 PM and 2:30–4:30 PM
Tuesday, June 13: 10:00 AM–12:00 PM and 2:30–4:30 PM

You'll need to log onto Zoom through your NYU account.


Wednesday, June 14 | Start to Register for Your Fall Classes

Incoming first-year students will begin to register for classes for the fall semester starting on Wednesday, June 14 at 9:00 AM ET. NYU Stern's Academic Advising team will be available via Zoom from 9:00 AM–5:00 PM ET to answer any questions you have along the way about course selection or registration on Albert.

Outside of that, you can reach our Academic Advising by email at, or by phone at (212) 998-4020. 

Review Fall Class Registration Information for your specific degree program. Remember that, if necessary, adjustments can be made later in the summer and even in the first couple weeks of the fall semester during the add/drop period.

July | Email on NYU Reads Required Summer Reading

All incoming NYU students are required to complete a common book reading through NYU Reads over the summer. 

Late July | Email from NYU Stern on How to Activate Your Stern Email Address and Log in to Stern Life

Check your NYU email for instructions on how to activate your NYU Stern email account and log in to Stern Life.

As an NYU Stern student, you have two email accounts: one through NYU (ending in and one through Stern (ending in As soon as you've activated your Stern account, you'll be able to use your email address ending in Once the semester begins, we will only send official NYU Stern communications to this email account. Check out this tutorial to learn how to forward your NYU email to your NYU Stern email.

Stern Life is your portal to all of NYU Stern's academic, professional development, and community resources. If you have any issues, you can reach out to

Throughout the Summer | Sign Up for an Optional Calculus Placement Exam and/or Prepare for the Optional Statistics Proficiency Exam

If you don't have the qualifying test scores to sign up for MATH-UA 121 Calc I or higher appearing in Albert “Test Scores,” follow these instructions to take the Calc I Placement Exam.

If you don't have qualifying test scores appearing in Albert “Test Scores” to place into a level of Math above MATH-UA 121 Calc I and would like to do so, you should first take the Calc I Placement Exam and then the Math department will provide you further guidance.

For more information on Math courses, consult the Math and Calculus class descriptions in the Fall Class Registration info for your specific degree program for additional details.

If you've earned a 4 or 5 on your AP Statistics exam, a 6 or 7 on the IB Math (or Further Maths) HL exam or an A or B on the A-Level Maths exam, you're eligible to sit for a proficiency exam during NYU Stern Orientation in the fall. Review the study guide prior to sitting for the exam. If you pass that exam, you can be waived of Statistics for Business Control (STAT-UB 1) and would then only need to take Regression and Forecasting Models (STAT-UB 3) to complete the statistics requirement. In this case, you don't receive any credits toward graduation requirements; it is only a waiver. FYI: not everyone opts to take the proficiency exam. Consult the Fall Class Registration Information for your specific degree program for additional details.

Please review NYU Welcome for more important deadlines in June and July.


Review and complete June/July to-dos.

Early August | Email from NYU Stern on NYU Stern Pre-Orientation and Orientation

It's getting close! Towards the middle of August, your detailed NYU Stern Orientation schedule is slated for release on NYU Mobile. Check your email for instructions on how you can access the full schedule of NYU Stern activities. All new NYU Stern first-year students must participate in NYU Stern Orientation, as well as NYU Stern Pre-Orientation.


Mid-August | Review and Ensure You Meet NYU Stern's Laptop Requirement 

NYU Stern requires all students to have their own laptop computer. If you already have a laptop, your current model may be sufficient, or you may want to upgrade at some point. Now is also a good time to review the NYU Tech Guide for New Students. For any questions, please reach out to


Mid-August | Order Your Textbooks

The NYU Bookstore will post the required (and any optional) textbooks or materials for your fall semester classes by mid-August. Although some course materials are only available at the NYU Bookstore (for example, certain "coursepacks"), in general, you're not required to purchase widely available books through the NYU Bookstore.

Monday, August 21 | NYU Stern Pre-Orientation Opens

NYU Stern Pre-Orientation is an online platform designed to introduce you to the resources, information, and expectations that span the five pillars of the NYU Stern Undergraduate College experience. Please check your email for the link to access it. Your Pre-Orientation will take about 90 minutes in total to finish including watching videos, reading, and completing quizzes. Additional details can be found on the New Student Orientation page.


Week of August 21 | Email from NYU Stern Introducing You to Your Assigned Academic Adviser

Your assigned academic adviser will be your go-to person at NYU Stern for any and all academic questions you have throughout your time as a student. And although you're assigned a specific adviser, you're able to meet with any adviser during your time as a student.


Week of August 21 | Email from NYU Stern Announcing Your Cohort

Your Orientation Leaders will announce your cohort and share how you can start getting connected to your cohort community!


Saturday, August 26 | Deadline to Complete NYU Stern Pre-Orientation

This is the date by which you should complete NYU Stern Pre-Orientation.


Monday, August 28–Friday, September 1 | NYU Stern New Student Orientation

Orientation marks the beginning of your experience as an NYU Stern student! During Orientation, you will be guided through various sessions and activities that will introduce you to the NYU Stern community, allow you to meet your cohort, and begin building connections with your peers and Orientation Leaders.

Please review NYU Welcome for more important deadlines in August.

Fall Semester

Tuesday, September 5 | Classes begin

Fall 2023 classes begin.

Friday, September 15 | Complete Required Academic Integrity Tutorial

Being a member of the NYU community means demonstrating a commitment to learning, as well as to the creation of knowledge. It also requires a commitment to academic integrity. Be sure to complete the required Academic Integrity Tutorial by September 15, 2023.

Thursday, October 26–Sunday, October 29 | Families Weekend

Join us for an incredible weekend in Washington Square connecting with NYU alumni, parents, students, faculty, and staff. Your parents and families are encouraged to come and learn about what you've been up to!


Mid-to-Late December | Last Day of Fall Semester and Final Exams

Some classes will have final exams on the last day of the fall semester. Prior to making any travel arrangements, check with professors about the timing of the final exam. See the official final exam schedule on the Registrar's website.

Please review NYU Welcome for important dates in the fall semester.

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Additional deadlines and to-dos
When do I get my housing assignment? When is tuition due? NYU Welcome is your resource for important deadlines, links, and resources to help you get ready for other aspects of your NYU experience.

Have a question about registration, AP scores, or something else related to your academics? Our team of advisers can help.

Academic Advising

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