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Program Overview

About Peking University

"Just as China is in a dynamic state of change, Peking University finds itself in the position of meeting the evolving challenges facing the world economies. Through its educational initiatives, PKU, Guanghua seeks to become a world-class business school and advance the local community with its intellectual resources and far-reaching alumni network. PKU over 32,000 students and over 4,000 faculty members. The Guanghua School of Management has over 3,000 students and over 100 faculty members. As a leading business school in China, PKU Guanghua is committed to providing the local and international business community with cutting-edge management knowledge and services. With the university's heritage of innovation and social responsibility, our faculty continues to serve the nation with aspiration and dedication. We educate business leaders who make a difference to the world." - Peking University

Term Dates

Fall Semester: early September to *late December
*For courses in Chinese, exams will be held in January in Beijing

Spring Semester: mid-February to late June

Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change

Approximate Living Expenses

  • Housing: $400 - $800 USD per month for a single room in a two or three bedroom apartment
  • Overall expenses: approximately $350-$450 USD per month, excluding housing
  • Food: local restaurants 10-20 RMB/meal
  • Transportation: public bus (1 RMB per ride), subway (3 RMB per ride)
  • Insurance: approximately 300-400 RMB/semester

Language of Instruction

English and Chinese


PKU currently does not offer housing to exchange students.   The Office of International Relations at Guanghua emails information to students before arrival to help students find their own apartments close to the campus.  Rates range from $400 - $800 USD per month for a single room in a two or three bedroom apartment.

Student Services

PKU has a Guanghua International Students Association that runs a Buddy Program and various student organizations

Important Course Note

English course offerings are limited and change often at PKU. Only students who have flexible programs of study and a lot of elective space should consider studying at PKU.  Students will not know their confirmed course schedule until they arrive at PKU.