Tech, Ops, & Stats Colloquium Archive

2022-2023 Academic Year

Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Peng Shi (USC) September 14, 10-11 AM Zoom Optimal Matchmaking Strategy in Two-Side Marketplaces
Yoni Gur (Stanford) September 21, 10-11 AM KMC 3-80 Leveraging Consensus Effect to Optimize Ranking in Online Discussion Boards
Tauhid Zaman (Yale) September 28, 10-11 AM KMC 2-80 Detecting, Assessing, and Countering Bots in Social Networks
Amy Ward (UChicago) October 6, 10-11 AM KMC 3-130 Learning the Scheduling Policy in Time-Varying Multiclass Many Server Queues with Abandonment
Andrew Wu (Michigan) October 12, 10-11 AM KMC 2-80 Text-Based Measures of Supply Chain Risk Exposure
Jing Wu (CUHK) October 14, 10-11 AM KMC 3-70 Keeping Your Friends Closer: Supply Chain Near-shoring in Response to Local Content Requirements
Nicholas Bambos (Stanford) October 27, 10-11 AM KMC 2-90  
Hyoduk Shin (UCSD) November 2, 10-11 AM KMC 3-130  
Jeff Hong (Fudan) February 1, 10-11 AM KMC 3-120

The (Surprising) Rate Optimality of Greedy Algorithms for Large-Scale Ranking and Selection

Yale Herer (Technion) February 8, 10-11 AM KMC 2-80

An Asymptotic Perspective on Risk Pooling:
Limitations and Relationship to Transshipments

Jing Dong (Columbia) February 15, 10-11 AM KMC 2-80

Optimal routing under demand surge: the value of future arrival rate information

Bora Keskin (Duke) March 1, 10-11 Am KMC 2-80

Data-driven Clustering and Feature-based Retail Electricity Pricing with Smart Meters

Dennis Zhang (WUSTL) March 22, 10-11 AM KMC 2-80

Deep Learning Based Causal Inference for Large-Scale Combinatorial Experiments: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Xin Chen (Georgia Tech) March 29, 10-11 AM KMC 2-80

Assortment Optimization Under the Multivariate MNL Model & Choice Modeling and Assortment Optimization in the Presence of Context Effects

2021-2022 Academic Year

2020-2021 Academic Year

2019-2020 Academic Year


Tech, Ops, and Stat Colloquium Seminars

Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Fall 2019
Manuela Veloso
(J.P. Morgan)
September 13, 2019
KMC 4-80 "AI in the Financial Domain: Examples and Discussion"
Spring 2020
Gabriel Weintraub
March 24th, 2019


2018-2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Vivek Farias
October 16, 2018
KMC 3-90 "Towards A New Liquid Biopsy via Slice Learning"
Anindya Ghose
Xi Chen
October 30, 2018
KMC 3-90 "TAP: Unlocking The Mobile Economy" (Ghose)
"Statistical Inference for Model Parameters with Stochastic Gradient Descent" (Chen)
Spring 2019:
Ming Hu
(University of Toronto) 
April 30, 2019
KMC 3-110 "Values of Traceability in Supply Chains"


2017-2018 Academic Year

Fall 2017:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
John Horton
Joshua Loftus
October 11, 2017 
KMC 4-90 "Labor Market Equilibration: Evidence from Uber" (Horton)
"Causality in Algorithmic Fairness" (Loftus)
Catherine Tucker (MIT) Rescheduled to Spring 2018    
Andrew Gelman (Columbia) December 8, 2017 
KMC 4-90  
Spring 2018
Catherine Tucker (MIT) February 23, 2018 KMC 4-80 Algorithmic Bias? An Emperical Studey into Apparent Gender-Based Discrimination in the Display of STEM Career Ads


2016-2017 Academic Year

Spring 2017:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Arun Sundararajan

Xi Chen
February 8, 2017
KMC 3-120   "Crowd-Based Capitalism, Automation, and the Future of Work" (Sundararajan)

"Optimal Stopping and Worker Selection in Crowdsourcing: an Adaptive Sequential Probability Ratio Test Framework" (Chen)
Larry Wein (Stanford University) May 10, 2017 12:30-1:45pm KMC 3-55 "Two Operations Management Problems in Criminology" 
Fall 2016:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Antonio Moreno-Garcia
(Northwestern University)
September 28, 2016
KMC 2-70 Offline Showrooms in Omni-Channel Retail: Demand and Operational Benefits
Susan Athey
(Stanford University)
October 26, 2016 
KMC 2-70 Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments and Observational Studies
Natalia Levina
Maxime Cohen
November 30, 2016 
KMC 4-90 Framing Innovation Opportunities While Staying Committed to an Organizational Epistemic Stance: Crowdsourcing, Data Science, and Beyond (Levina)

Overcommitment in Cloud Services - Bin Packing with Chance Constraints (Cohen)


2015-2016 Academic Year

Spring 2016:
IOMS Faculty: Ilan Lobel & Peter Lakner April 1, 2016
KMC 4-60 Feature-based Dynamic Pricing & Reflected Brownian Motion in a Wedge
Mark van der Laan (UC Berkeley)  April 15, 2016
KMC 4-60 Targeted Learning
Fall 2015:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Mark van der Laan (UC Berkeley)   Postponed to Spring 2016
Xi Chen, Panos Ipeirotis (NYU Stern) November 18, 2015
KMC 4-60 A Statistical Learning Approach to Personalization in Revenue Management & A System for Scalable and Reliable Technical-Skill Testing in Online Labor Markets
David Parkes (Harvard) December 2, 2015
KMC 4-60 How to elicit information when it is not possible to verify the answer


2014-2015 Academic Year

Spring 2015:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Dimitris Bertsimas
March 27, 2015
12:30pm - 1:45pm
KMC 3-110 From Predictive to Prescriptive Analytics
Jure Leskovec
Canceled Canceled Canceled
Fall 2014:
Speaker/Affiliation Date/Time Room Presentation Title
Eric Bradlow
November 19
12:30pm - 1:45pm
KMC 3-110 A Bayesian Model for Assignment of Anonymous Customer Visits
Cynthia Rudin
December 3
12:30pm - 1:45pm
KMC 3-110 Algorithms for Interpretable Machine Learning


2013-2014 Academic Year

Spring 2014
Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons from 12:15pm-1:45pm in KMC 3-90
Speaker Date Presentation Title
David Madigan (Columbia University) 03/05/2014 Why most published studies are wrong but can be fixed.
Ramesh Johari (Stanford University) 03/26/2014 Managing congestion in decentralized matching markets
Adam Wierman (California Tech) 04/16/2014
*Room KMC 3-120
 Algorithmic challenges for greening data centers
Fall 2013
Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Wednesday afternoons from 12-2pm in room 2-70
Speaker Date Presentation Title
Robert Kleinberg (Cornell University) 10/2/2013  Multi-Armed Bandits and the Web
Matthew Salganik (Princeton University) 10/23/2013
*This Seminar will take place from 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Wiki surveys: Open and quantifiable social data collection
Michael Kearns (University of Pennsylvania) 11/13/2013  Competitive Contagion in Networks