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Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation

Hub for Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration


The Fubon Center serves as the School’s hub to support, facilitate and enhance cross-disciplinary collaboration among
its existing areas of academic excellence, including: Fintech, Data Analytics and AI, and Tech Innovation. The Center strengthens and builds industry ties, focusing on continuous innovation and cutting-edge research that creates impact for education business and society.  The Fubon Center also helps to shape future coursework to align with a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The Fubon Fintech, Data Analytics and AI, and Tech Innovation Initiatives bring together scholars and students to conduct and disseminate world-class research on fintech, tech innovation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science for business. The initiatives host conferences, fund research projects, and engage in community outreach activities that help to make research both rigorous and accessible. Our objectives are to:

  • Support and foster state-of-the-art research in fintech, data analytics, tech innovation, artificial intelligence, and data science for business

  • Create synergistic collaborative relationships between scholars and practitioners across disciplinary and industry boundaries

  • Increase the accessibility of fintech, data science, and innovation research to a wide audience

The Center was made possible through an endowed gift from alumnus Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai (MBA ’81), Chairman and CEO of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. together with Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Headshot of Kathleen DeRose

Kathleen DeRose

Director of the Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation, Director of the Fubon Fintech Initiative, Clinical Associate Professor of Finance and Academic Director, MS in Fintech Program

The Fubon Center’s Three Interdisciplinary Initiatives

Led By Professors Kathleen DeRose, Melissa Schilling, and Foster Provost


Kathleen DeRose
Director of the Fubon Center
Director, Fintech Initiatives, Fubon Center 
Clinical Associate Professor of Finance
Academic Director, MS in Fintech Program

NYU Stern leads its peers in research and academic initiatives, readying students for a financial technology future.

Melissa Schilling lecturing

Technology Innovation

Melissa Schilling
John Herzog Family Professor of Management and Organizations
Deputy Chair of the Management & Organizations Department
Director, Technology & Innovation Initiative, Fubon Center

Cutting-edge research in innovation and entrepreneurship that makes an impact.

Foster Provost, Professor of Information Systems and Andre Meyer Faculty Fellow

Data Analytics and AI

Foster Provost

Ira Rennert Professor of Entrepreneurship, Data Science, and Information Systems
Director, Data Science and AI Initiative,
Fubon Center
Distinguished Scientist, Compass, Inc.

World-leading research, teaching and industry collaboration at the intersection of data science and business.



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Data and insight at the intersection of Fintech, Data Analytics and AI, and Technological Innovation

Learn from the award-winning faculty research that is already shaping theory and practice
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A New Nexus for Continuous Innovation

NYU Stern Receives an $8 Million Gift from Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai (MBA ’81) to Establish The Fubon Center