The Ross Institute holds roundtables for practitioners, students, and academics.

Research in Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting

The Ross Institute’s mission is to support state-of-the-art research in accounting, auditing, and financial reporting to capital markets, and disseminate such research to the business community: investors, corporate officers, and auditors, as well as the business media. This mission includes conveying to researchers the feedback of practitioners. We are, accordingly, creating an environment for enhancing research and its application.

–Ross Institute History

In 1971, Vincent C. Ross established and endowed the Ross Institute with the goal of creating an environment where research would flourish and where financial executives, professional accountants, government officials, and academics could work to advance accounting principles and practices.

Over the years The Vincent C. Ross Institute has provided funding for many activities, in a variety of formats, for the exchange of ideas about accounting and related disciplines, including: conducting large-scale research projects on topics of interest to financial and management accountants, and disseminating the results to the business and academic communities, through conferences, journals, the working paper series and over the Internet.