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Centennial Celebration of Our Institute

Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research

Exploring New Frontiers of Accounting and Related Disciplines

Mission Statement

In 1971, Vincent C. Ross established and endowed this research institute. As such, we are the oldest continuous research center at the Stern School of Business.  Consistent with Vincent C. Ross' goals, we have created an environment where research flourishes and where executives, accountants, attorneys, regulators, and academics work together. Over the years, the Institute has organized and sponsored distinguished lectures, executive education programs, professional conferences, and roundtables.  Our conferences and roundtables are done on a stand-alone basis, and also in collaboration with other research centers at Stern and at the NYU Law School.  The Vincent C. Ross Institute currently funds student scholarships at the Stern School of Business.  Our focus is on exploring the interlink between accounting and other current business areas, such as finance, ESG, corporate governance, fintech, and emerging technologies.

The Center was made possible through an endowed gift from alumnus Vincent C. Ross (C'21).

Time to Celebrate

Outside Shot of Stern

The 100th Anniversary

The Ross Institute is celebrating the 100th anniversary of our benefactor's graduation from the NYU School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance in 1921. We also are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Institute.

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