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Professor Amal Shehata teaches in a classrom

Teaching Initiatives

This page highlights some of the accounting department's teaching initiatives in emerging areas.

Big Data and Machine Learning

Data Management and Analysis

Taught by Yiwei Dou

Course Description
The practice of accounting is fundamentally tied to data and our ability to analyze them. Whether the data reside in spreadsheets, databases, text documents, or public websites, we can use them to gain valuable insights into the financial performance of a business. You may also hear popular terms like data science, big data, and advanced analytics and wonder what they mean for a career in industry or professional services. This course provides concepts and tools for making sense of data and performing data analysis.


What our students are saying:
"Great course and professor! my only recommendation would be to make this class a required class for all stern students- the content we learned was extremely relevant to all career paths and I truly wish I had taken this class as a freshman or sophomore."

"Great class! Very practical skills that I can use in my professional career."

"I think the tableau and excel sections are the most important as they could be most easily applied to a general accounting job."

"SQL R Tableau all are very valuable, and I think the knowledge I learned from this course will be very helpful in my future career."



Accounting and the Blockchain

Taught by Amal Shehata

Course Description
This course will cover the many dimensions of the accounting industry that will be impacted by blockchain technology. We will begin with the history of the existing financial reporting framework and an overview of how blockchain functions, exploring why and how Accounting processes are open to disruption and improvement from the blockchain. We will then spend subsequent class periods examining specific areas, including financial reporting, auditing, tax services, the regulatory framework (or lack thereof to date), the criticisms and limitations of blockchain, and more.



Accounting for Sustainability - Measuring and Disclosing, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Data

Taught by Massimiliano Bonacchi

Course Description
The main objective of the course is to equip you with the knowledge required for understanding how to measure, evaluate and disclose ESG performance. For this reason, the course will emphasize the interplay between sustainability strategy, organizational architecture, and performance, providing the practical knowledge and insights for embedding sustainability into the corporate DNA as a daily practice (internal perspective); Assessing ESG performance (external perspective).