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About the Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research

Accounting, ESG, and Finance

In 1971, Vincent C. Ross established and endowed the Vincent C. Ross Institute of Accounting Research. We are the oldest continuous research center at the Stern School of Business.  Consistent with our benefactor's goals, we have created an environment where research flourishes and where executives, professional accountants, attorneys, government regulators, and academics work together to explore cutting-edge topics in accounting, sustainability, and finance. Over the years, the Institute has organized and sponsored distinguished lectures, executive education programs, professional conferences, and roundtables.  Our conferences and roundtables are done on a stand-alone basis, and also with other research centers at Stern and at the NYU Law School.  The Vincent C. Ross Institute also has funded scholarships at the Stern School of Business.  Our activities include:
  • Organizing and sponsoring programs and events to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas between the business and academic communities, including distinguished lectures, executive education programs, and professional conferences and roundtables.
  • Actively cooperating with other institutions to develop research, programs, and events, including the NYU Center for Law and Business, the NYU Law School, the Stern Volatility and Risk Institute, and outside organizations such as the Brookings Institution, the Big Four Accounting firms, and regulatory bodies such as the Financial Accounting Standards Board.
  • Maintaining a research library for all Stern School faculty and Ph.D. students interested in accounting, finance, economics, management decision making, and taxation. The library houses a unique collection of historical corporate annual reports.
  • Funding scholarships for Stern students
  • Providing information about the Accounting department's teaching initiatives, including new classes of ESG, Blockchain, and Big Data Analyses