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VRI Risk Podcast

VRI Risk Podcast: Judith Germano on Ransomware Attacks and Building Cyber Resilience
In the first episode of the VRI Risk Podcast series, Richard Berner interviews Judith Germano, a nationally-recognized thought leader on cybersecurity governance, Distinguished Fellow at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity (CCS), and a VRI faculty board member. They discuss her analysis of the recent ransomware attacks and her vision for building a future of cyber resilience.

A video version is on the VRI Youtube page. You can subscribe to the audio edition of the podcast here.

VRI Faculty in the News

  • Viral Acharya’s research is featured in the Bloomberg article, “Equality Easy Rate Policy Spurs Inequality, Ex-India Central Banker Says,” which is based on a talk he gave at the Markus' Academy.
  • Edward Altman’s research is cited in a Bloomberg article, “Garuda Plans Major Restructuring That May Halve its Fleet,” and he is interviewed by WWD “Retail’s ‘Chapter 22’ Risks During the Pandemic.” 
  • Edward Amoroso discussed cyber risk in the Forbes article “Banning Ransomware Payments Could Create New Crisis Situations,” and in CNN’s “FBI director sees 'parallels' between challenge posed by ransomware attacks and 9/11.”
  • Richard Berner is quoted in MNI’s  “Fed Willing To Risk Bubbles To Achieve Jobs, Price Goals,” and in the Risk.net article, “The U.S. Treasury’s Great Market Makeover.”
  • Vasant Dhar is quoted in MarketWatch’s article “House Democrats set to reshape antitrust law with 5 new bills” and in the Yahoo! Finance’s piece, “Microsoft needs to impress a lot of people with Windows 11.” His podcast, Brave New World, recently featured an episode with Paul Sheard entitled, “Understanding QE in the New World.” 
  • Judith Germano and Edward Amoroso discussed the SolarWinds breach in the Crime Report article, “SolarWinds Breach Exposed ‘Climate Change’ Level of Threat to U.S. Cybersecurity: Experts.”
  • Hanna Halaburda discussed the future of cryptocurrency in The Globe and Mail article “The Future of Money: The Digital Currency Revolution Is Here,” and the Money.com piece,  “How to Prepare for the Next Bitcoin Crash.”
  • Lord Mervyn King wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg entitled, “Make No Mistake, the Risk of Inflation is Real,”  and his joint research is cited in the FT op-ed, “It is folly to make pensions safe by making them unaffordable.” 
  • Randal Milch and Edward Amoroso wrote an article for Just Security entitled, “Hack-to-Patch by Law Enforcement Is a Dangerous Practice”
  • Thomas Philippon’s research is cited in the Axios article, “Internet Prices Kick Off Washington Brawl,” and in Bloomberg’s “Amazon’s $34 Billion Makes It an ‘Investment Hero,’ Study Says.”
  • Richard L. Revesz wrote an article for Bloomberg Law, “Biden’s Path Forward on the Social Cost of Carbon.”
  • Kim Schoenholtz is cited in a Forbes article, ““Crypto Buyers Should Beware China’s Authorities and the Fed.”
  • Johannes Stroebel’s joint research on investors’ reactions to the COVID crash is highlighted for Stanford Business Insights.
  • Marti Subrahmanyam wrote co-authored op-ed on sovereign credit risk for Global Banking and Finance Review.
  • Joshua Tucker’s research published in PNAS is highlighted in the Tech Policy Press article, “New research on Facebook use in Bosnia and Herzegovina underscores complexity of relationship between social media and social dynamics.” He is quoted in a Vice article, “The GOP’s ‘Off the Rails’ March Toward Authoritarianism Has Historians Worried.” 
  • Gernot Wagner wrote an article, “Cheaper solar PV is key to addressing climate change” for MIT Technology Review, a joint article, “Economics Needs a Climate Revolution“ in Project Syndicate, and most recently for his Bloomberg Green column, “Fear of Geoengineering Is Really Anxiety About Cutting Carbon.”
  • Ingo Walter wrote op-eds for MarketWatch and IREI on “ESG Metrics Rest on Sand, Not Granite,“ and “On the Cusp of an Infrastructure Renaissance: A Primer on U.S. Infrastructure,” respectively. 
  • Tensie Whelan was featured in the Salon article, “Can ad campaigns help reduce food waste or are big brands cashing in on cause marketing?” and her research was highlighted in Bloomberg Green’s article, “The Climate Culture Shock Is Coming”
  • Lawrence White was quoted in PolitiFact’s “How Big is the Threat of Inflation in the Post-pandemic Era?” and The Christian Science Monitor “‘No Stopping New York’: City’s Recovery Is in Full Swing.