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VRI Risk Podcast

VRI Risk Podcast: Judith Germano on Ransomware Attacks and Building Cyber Resilience
In the first episode of the VRI Risk Podcast series, Richard Berner interviews Judith Germano, a nationally-recognized thought leader on cybersecurity governance, Distinguished Fellow at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity (CCS), and a VRI faculty board member. They discuss her analysis of the recent ransomware attacks and her vision for building a future of cyber resilience.

A video version is on the VRI Youtube page. You can subscribe to the audio edition of the podcast here.

VRI Faculty in the News

  • Professor Viral Acharya was interviewed in a recent Financial Times article, “India’s Uneven Economic Rebound Creates Winners and Losers,” and co-authored an op-ed in the NY Fed’s blog Liberty Street Economics entitled, "The Making of Fallen Angels—and What QE and Credit Rating Agencies Have to Do with It."
  • Professor Edward Altman was interviewed by Bloomberg for their story, “The Airlines Still Facing Risk of Bankruptcy as Travel Returns.”
  • Professor Edward Amoroso gave wrote a summary of the key takeaways from a panel he moderated at Hybrid Identity Protection Conference, entitled, “Defending Hybrid Identity Environments Against Cyberattacks
  • Professors Richard Berner and Kim Schoenholtz authored a joint article with Stephen Cecchetti exploring the implications of recent sanctions on Russia in Money and Banking. Professor Berner was also interviewed in the E&E News article, “This Fed Pick is a Climate Hero. Will It Sink Her Nomination?”
  • Professor Robert Engle gave testimony on the VRI’s climate research at the New York State Senate’s first ever public hearing on banking and climate risks. His and research with Professor Johannes Stroebel was featured in Institutional Investor: “AQR: Machine Learning and NLP Can Help Analyze the Connection Between Stock Prices and News.”
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda was interviewed for the WWL First News podcast on “Explaining Cryptocurrency and Central Bank Digital Currencies” and by Money.com for “Can the Super Bowl Sell a New Generation of Investors on Crypto?”
  • Lord Mervyn King wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg: “The King Canute Theory of Inflation”
  • Professor Petter Kolm was named the 2021 'Quant of the Year' by The Journal of Portfolio Management. The award "recognizes a researcher’s history of outstanding contributions to the field of quantitative portfolio theory."
  • Professor Randal Milch was quoted in Forbes’ “Meet The Secretive Surveillance Wizards Helping The FBI And ICE Wiretap Facebook And Google Users” and co-authored a piece for Just Security: “Expert Explainer: On Verizon’s Deadline for Turning Over Meadows’ Records to Congress”
  • Professor Thomas Philippon was interviewed for the Associated Press article, “Biden Has Long-Term Inflation Plan, But Voter Patience Short.” and for FiveThirtyEight’s piece “What Democrats and Republicans Get Wrong About Inflation.”
  • Professor Richard L. Revesz wrote an article for Bloomberg Law, “Greenhouse Gas Regulation: SCOTUS Should Decide Not to Decide” and is featured in the New York Times: “Supreme Court Will Hear Biggest Climate Change Case in a Decade” 
  • Professor Kim Schoenholtz was interviewed for VoxEU: “Central Bank Sanctions on Russia.”
  • Professor Marti Subrahmanyam is quoted in an S&P Global article, “New Fed trading restrictions raise enforcement doubts”
  • Professor Joshua Tucker was interviewed for the DW News segment, “Will Putin be able to keep up the disinformation?’ and is quoted in Bloomberg: “Why Russia Is Saying Goodbye to Instagram.” His research on social media and politics has recently been featured widely, including in The Washington Post, Brut, Mashable, Popular Science, and Wisconsin Public Radio.
  • Gernot Wagner most recent article for his Risky Climate column in Bloomberg Green is entitled, “The Case for the EU Cutting Off Its Russian Gas Supply Now,” he wrote the Saturday Essay for the Wall Street Journal on the question: “Is Nuclear Power Part of the Climate Solution?” He also had a piece in The Economist on “How individual actions can combat climate change”
  • Professor Tensie Whelan was interviewed by the Financial Times for the article, "Pursuit of Social Purpose Sends Business Schools Back to Their Roots." and her research was highlighted in Bloomberg Quint’s  “Ten Year-End Charts: Part 2.”
  • Professor Lawrence J. White was interviewed for Politico’s “S&P Global ‘Power Grab’ Sparks Congressional Pushback.”