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VRI Risk Podcast

VRI Risk Podcast: Judith Germano on Ransomware Attacks and Building Cyber Resilience
In the first episode of the VRI Risk Podcast series, Richard Berner interviews Judith Germano, a nationally-recognized thought leader on cybersecurity governance, Distinguished Fellow at the NYU Center for Cybersecurity (CCS), and a VRI faculty board member. They discuss her analysis of the recent ransomware attacks and her vision for building a future of cyber resilience.

A video version is on the VRI Youtube page. You can subscribe to the audio edition of the podcast here.

VRI Faculty in the News

  • Comments from Professor Viral Acharya were featured in the Deccan Herald’s article, “ “Worried About U.S. Normalisation Coinciding with RBI Tightening on High Inflation: Viral Acharya.”. He also co-authored an op-ed on the COVID Death Count in Indian Express.
  • Professor Edward Altman’s research is highlighted in the Financial Times article, “Alarm Bells Are Ringing Unheeded in a World Yearning for Optimism.” His commentary on debt in developing countries is highlighted in Institutional Investor
  • Professors Robert Engle and Richard Berner’s joint research with the NYFed on climate stress testing was highlighted in ReutersBloombergGreen Central Banking, and Banking Dive.
  • Professor Vasant Dhar wrote an op-ed for The Hill, entitled, “Why the U.S. Needs Public-Private Partnerships for Digital Infrastructure.” He was interviewed by Al Jazeera’s piece, “Robinhood and the Rise of Teenage Stock Investors.”
  • Professor Robert Engle co-signing of a letter is mentioned in Newsweek: “Biden's Build Back Better Plan Will 'Ease' Inflation, 15 Nobel Prize Economists Say.”
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda is interviewed in Quartz: “What Is the Point of a Stablecoin?” and is featured in the Money article, “It Just Got Easier to Mine Bitcoin at Home.”
  • Professor Robert Jackson Jr. discusses SPAC disclosure on The Deal’s podcast and is quoted in Fortune regarding required disclosures for climate impacts.
  • Lord Mervyn King’s comments are highlighted in Barron’s: “The Paradox of Data: So Much Information, so Little Insight.” He is also featured in Business Leader’s recent article, “How Collaboration Can Lead to Sustainable Advantage.”
  • Professor Petter Kolm discusses transaction costs and machine learning on Risk.net’s podcast.
  • Professor Thomas Philippon’s research is highlighted in The Atlantic’s “Where’s the Cheap Beef?” and the Economist article, “Is America Inc Getting Less Dynamic, Less Global and More Monopolistic?”
  • Professor Richard L. Revesz authored a piece for Bloomberg Law entitled “Looking Under the Hood of Biden’s New Clean Car Standards” and an op-ed for The Hill entitled, "Some governors are mismanaging COVID and misunderstanding Federalism".
  • Professor Kim Schoenholtz’s research is cited in VoxEu, “Fostering FinTech for Financial Transformation.” His comments were also featured in the Financial Times: “Transmission Revamp Will Reshape the Financial World."
  • Professor Johannes Stroebel’s joint research was highlighted in Callaway Climate Insights is spotlighted: “Markets Are Missing Climate Risk; That's an opportunity.”
  • Professor Marti Subrahmanyam co-wrote an op-ed for South China Morning Post: “China’s Crackdown on Big Tech Firms Isn’t Scaring Away Bond Investors.” He is interviewed in Bloomberg’s article, “Pelosi Husband’s Tech Stock Spotlights Law on Lawmaker Trades.”
  • Professor Joshua Tucker is interviewed in Popular Science’s article: “Instagram now lets you manage ‘sensitive content.’ Here’s how to use it.” He co-wrote an article for NY Daily News entitled, “Facebook open your data trove: The lesson of whistleblower Frances Haugen”
  • Professor Gernot Wagner’s latest Bloomberg Green column, “For Effective Climate Policy, the First Step is the Hardest” discusses Austria’s implementation of a carbon tax. His book “Geoengineering: the Gamble” was published in the UK and reviewed by The Guardian
  • Professor Ingo Walter’s comments are featured in Global Finance Magazine: “Scoring Sustainability.”
  • Professor Tensie Whelan is interviewed in the Wall Street Journal’s recent piece,  “McDonald’s Plans to Make Happy Meal Toys More Sustainable,” and CNBC’s article “Amazon’s Biggest, Hardest-to-Solve ESG Issue May Be Its Own Workers.”
  • Professor Lawrence White is interviewed in Debt Hammer, “Cities With the Worst Payday Lending Problems.” and the Stamford Advocate: “A Decade After $20M State Loan to Keep Jobs in CT, 'Things got Worse and Worse' for Banking Giant UBS.”