VRI Faculty in the News

The latest media mentions of VRI faculty members' research

  • Professor Viral Acharya’s joint research entitled, “Zombie Credit and (Dis-)Inflation: Evidence from Europe” is mentioned in a recent Wall Street Journal article and a Financial Express article entitled, “Banking Wrong on Corporate Houses: Why Fate of Banking, Public Finance is Uncertain,” cites his research
  • Professor Edward Altman is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about economic indicators pointing to a surge in defaults and The Economist interviewed Professor Edward Altman about his research on “the enormous build-up of non-financial corporate debt”
  • Professor Edward Amoroso wrote an article entitled “How to maximize traffic visibility with virtual firewalls” for Security Magazine
  • NYU Tandon's Finance and Risk Engineering Department, chaired by Professor Peter Carr, was ranked #6 in the United States for Best Masters in Financial Engineering
  • Professor Vasant Dhar wrote an op-ed entitled, “'Nationalize' Facebook and Twitter as Public Goods,” for The Hill and he also commented on the future of big tech transparency and accountability after the Capitol siege in MarketWatch
  • Professor Joshua Epstein comments on the number of vaccines needed to reach herd immunity in MarketWatch
  • Professor Hanna Halburda's joint research was featured in Cointelegraph and in the Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery. She also gave a talk on harnessing blockchain for sustainable development at the UN inter-sessional panel for Technology and Development
  • Lord Mervyn King comments on the risk of another global financial crisis are featured in MarketWatch
  • Professor Randy Milch wrote a piece on "Coronavirus, Contact Tracing and the Role of the Private Sector" for the Reiss Center on Law and Security
  • Professor Thomas Philippon is interviewed on “The Puzzle of Low Interest Rates,” in the New York Times
  • Professor Richard L. Revesz wrote a joint op-ed in The Hill about how the public health impacts of climate change
  • Professor Marti Subrahmanyam co-authored an op-ed in Fortune arguing that members of congress shouldn’t be allowed to trade individual stocks and his research was also mentioned in a Financial Express piece, entitled, "US is back but why WHO needs to be healthcare’s IMF"
  • Professor Joshua Tucker wrote a piece for Lawfare entitled, “The Limited Room for Russian Troll Influence in 2016”, was interviewed on CNBC on "Who should set the rules of engagement on social media?", and wrote a Washington Post piece on polling regarding the belief that the election was stolen
  • Gernot Wagner’s wrote several pieces for his Bloomberg Green Column, including, “Don’t Discount States for U.S. Climate Progress” He also wrote a book, in German, titled Stadt, Land, Klima, about why cities are essential in the fight against climate change.
  • Professor Ingo Walter’s research on COVID and pension plans is highlighted in the Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch published his joint article, “There’s a Way to Fix the $4.6 Trillion U.S. Public Pensions Mess — Canada Shows Us How.”
  • Professor Tensie Whelan wrote two recent wrote op-ed for the Harvard Business Review, “Boards Are Obstructing ESG — at Their Own Peril,” and “How to Talk to Your CFO About Sustainability
  • Professor Lawrence White was interviewed in the Telegraph on their coverage, “Deutsche Becomes Last Bank to Leave Wall Street,” wrote an article for the Truth on the Market Symposium entitled, "The DOJ’s Antitrust Case Against Google: A Tough Slog, but Maybe an Intriguing Possibility?", and also wrote a recent article on "Rethinking Antitrust" in the Milken Institute Review.