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VRI Faculty in the News

The latest media mentions of VRI faculty members' research

VRI Faculty in the News

  • Professor Viral Acharya was quoted in the Financial Times article, “Fed’s faster ‘quantitative tightening’ adds to strain on bond market” and was interviewed about his co-authored paper "Is Physical Climate Risk Priced? Evidence from Regional Variation in Exposure to Heat Stress" in a Bloomberg Opinion piece entitled, "A Hotter Planet Is Already Warping Asset Prices"

  • Professor Edward Amoroso’s course was mentioned in Fortune and he wrote an article for Security Magazine’s article entitled, “3 cybersecurity challenges keeping CISOs up at night”

  • Professor Richard Berner was mentioned in the Central Banking articles, “U.S. Academics Praise Reduction in Fed’s Forward Guidance” and “Shadow Banks: The Biggest Threat to U.S. Financial Stability?

  • Professor Vasant Dhar was interviewed by Vanity Fair piece, “Twitter Whistleblower Plays Into Elon Musk's Game.” and on CNN: “Silicon Valley Braces For the Good Times to End.”

  • Professor Robert Engle is featured in Nasdaq: “Nobel Laureate Robert Engle on Climate Risks and Investor Implications.” and’s article, “As Geopolitical Risk Spikes, a Major Index Gets a Revamp.”

  • Professor Hanna Halaburda was interviewed in the Global Finance Magazine piece, “Straight Talk on CBDCs: Q&A with Hanna Halaburda of NYU Stern Business School” and co-wrote an op-ed for Nature entitled, “Central Bank Digital Currencies Risk Becoming a Digital Leviathan.”

  • Professor Petter Kolm’s research is featured in the WatersTechnology article, “Academics use granular data for futures market predictions”

  • Professor Thomas Philippon research is referenced in The Wall Street Journal article,  “New Climate, Tech Bills Expand Role of Government in Private Markets.”

  • Professor Kim Schoenholtz co-wrote an op-ed for CNN Business: “Opinion: Corporate Greed Isn't to Blame For High Inflation.”

  • Professor Johannes Stroebel’s joint research with Professor Theresa Kuchler is highlighted in The Economist: “Friendship Across Class Lines May Boost Social Mobility and Decrease Poverty” and The New York Times article, “What Is It About Friendships That Is So Powerful?”

  • Professor Joshua Tucker is quoted in the Washington Post article, “In new election, Big Tech uses old strategies to fight ‘big lie’” and co-wrote an op-ed for The Hill entitled, “Big Tech must step up now to fight misinformation in the midterms”

  • Professor Tensie Whelan wrote an op-ed for HBR entitled, “ESG Reports Aren’t a Replacement for Real Sustainability” and was interviewed by NPR: “How ESG Investing Got Tangled Up in America's Culture Wars.”

  • Professor Lawrence J. White was interviewed by American Banker: “Banks See Auto-Loan Weakness as an Early Sign of Slowdown” and CBS News: “MoneyWatch: The Uncertain Economy: The History of Recessions in America.”