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The Volatility and Risk Institute would like to thank our sponsors for making our events and research possible.

Individual Support

Michael Alix
Michael R. Armellino
Eileen A. Fahey
Ben Golub
Andrew Gray
Martin Leibowitz (COURANT PhD ’69)
Robert Litterman 
Lars Nielsen
Til Schuermann
Colin Teichholtz
Phil Venables 
Cristiano Zazzara

Institutional Support

Asociación Bancaria y de Entidades Financieras de Colombia (Asobancaria), created in 1936 and headquartered in Bogota, is an organization made up of Colombian banking and financial entities; which groups 36 institutions, including state-run, private, domestic, and foreign commercial banks. Asobancaria represents and defends their associates' interests, promotes and maintains public trust on the financial sector, helps to modernize the financial system, and provides services whose efficiency requires collective work.

BlackRock is trusted to manage more money than any other investment firm. Our business is investing on behalf of our clients — from large institutions to parents and grandparents, teachers, nurses, doctors and people from all walks of life who entrust their savings to us.

Climate Finance Partners
Climate Finance Partners (CLIFI) creates innovative and globally needed finance solutions that address climate change—including the development of a global price for carbon. By paying for pollution, businesses and individuals will innovate to reduce and eliminate harmful greenhouse gases, which is key in working towards solving the climate crisis.

General Quantitative, LLC
General Quantitative, LLC is an investment management and analytics services firm. GQ Asset Management is the investment management division, which focuses on systematic risk-driven strategies, including next generation active asset allocation, security selection and tactical trading. GQ Analytics is the advisory and consulting division, which provides custom portfolio and tail risk management, strategic asset allocation and quantitative analysis services to investment management firms, insurance companies, endowments, banks and other institutional clients.

Global Risk Institute
The GRI was founded in 2011 as a result of an idea conceived by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England and Jim Flaherty, former Canadian Minister of Finance. There were sixteen founding financial institutions, with the Governments of Canada, Ontario, TD Bank Group and Manulife Financial acting as the core architects. Through engagement activities with our members, we build integrated risk management capacity for private and public sector risk professionals. We also act as a hub, stimulating evidence-based debate between regulators, practitioners and academics engaged in risk. We are a member services organization, currently working with 32 member institutions.

Inter-American Development Bank
We work to improve lives in Latin America and the Caribbean. Through financial and technical support for countries working to reduce poverty and inequality, we help improve health and education, and advance infrastructure. Our aim is to achieve development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way. With a history dating back to 1959, today we are the leading source of development financing for Latin America and the Caribbean. We provide loans, grants, and technical assistance; and we conduct extensive research. We maintain a strong commitment to achieving measurable results and the highest standards of increased integrity, transparency, and accountability. The Bank’s current focus areas include three development challenges – social inclusion and inequality, productivity and innovation, and economic integration – and three cross-cutting issues – gender equality and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability; and institutional capacity and the rule of law.

National Science Foundation 
The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense..." NSF is vital because we support basic research and people to create knowledge that transforms the future. This type of support is a primary driver of the U.S. economy, enhances the nation's security, and advances knowledge to sustain global leadership. With an annual budget of $7.5 billion (FY 2017), we are the funding source for approximately 24 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America's colleges and universities. In many fields such as mathematics, computer science and the social sciences, NSF is the major source of federal backing.

Norwegian Finance Initiative
The Norwegian Finance Initiative (NFI) aims to strengthen financial economic research and education in areas relevant for the long-term management of the Government Pension Fund Global. The initiative provides long-term incentives to promote excellence in financial economic research and education at academic institutions in Norway. We believe that the fund will benefit from having strong academic environments close to us. The NFI supports academic institutions in Norway in attracting scholars of high international standing to Norway for shorter or longer periods. The initiative awards publication bonuses to faculty members at academic institutions in Norway for outstanding research contributions. NFI also seeks to motivate talented students to pursue PhD studies in financial economics, and awards PhD scholarships to students accepted at top-ranked international PhD programmes. Many of the questions and challenges we face in the management of the fund intersect with the international research forefront. Through the NFI Research Programme, we aim to facilitate research of the highest international standard on topics of particular relevance for the long-term management of the fund, such as asset pricing and portfolio theory, market micro strucure, responsible investment, corporate finance and corporate governance.

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Founded in 1934 by industrialist Alfred P. Sloan Jr., the Foundation is a not-for-profit grantmaking institution that supports high quality, impartial scientific research; fosters a robust, diverse scientific workforce; strengthens public understanding and engagement with science; and promotes the health of the institutions of scientific endeavor.

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