BEMT Minor

The Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology (BEMT) minor is open to all NYU students, regardless of the program in which they are enrolled. Students who wish to minor in BEMT are required to take a total of 8 credits of EMT designated courses at Stern. MKTG-UB.0040 Entertainment and Media Industries is required and 8 credits of BEMT designated courses from Tisch School of the Arts or Steinhardt. Suggested Stern courses are listed below. For all BEMT courses click here.

Required Course

MKTG-UB.0040: Entertainment and Media Industries (2 credits)

Elective Courses

Stern courses (choose 3 more courses):

MKTG-UB.0004: Managing Creative Content (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0019: The Business of Publishing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0020: Business of Film (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0022: Movie Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0023: Impact of Technology on Entertainment & Media (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0024: Arts Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0025: The Business of Broadway (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0039: Sports Management (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0044: Television Management (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0045: Social Media Strategy (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0046: Globalization of the Entertainment Industry (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0047: Sports Marketing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0049: The Business of Producing (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0051: Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Tribeca (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0056: Digital Business Strategies (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0058: Business of Video Games (2 credits)
MKTG-UB.0080: Leisure Marketing (2 credits)
ACCT-UB.0049: Entertainment Accounting (2 credits)
ECON-UB.0120: Economics of Media & Entertainment (2 credits)
ECON-UB.0125: Economics of Chinese Entertainment, Media & Technology (2 credits)
ECON-UB.0211: Sports Economics (3 credits)
FINC-UB.0068: Financial Analysis in EMT (2 credits)
INFO-UB.0038: Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics (3 credits)
INFO-UB.0044: Analytics and the Digital Economy (3 credits)
INFO-UB.0060: Networks, Crowds and Markets (3 credits)
MULT-UB.0048: Entertainment Law (2 credits)