Frequently Asked Questions

Do I apply directly to the EMT Program or must I apply through NYU Admissions?
In order to apply to the EMT Program, you must apply through NYU Admissions and be accepted into Stern. You can find information on what is required for your application as well as a downloadable application at their web site.

I am a transferring student. How do I find out if my credits are transferable?
Not all credits are transferable. To find out whether your credits are transferable, contact NYU Stern's Undergraduate Admissions at (212) 998-4020.

Can I major in EMT?
At the undergraduate level, there is a BEMT minor (Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology). It requires the completion of nine credits from a range of courses. You must complete 16 credits, eight credits at Stern and eight credits and either Tisch or Steinhardt.

What requirements do I need to apply for the EMT Program?
Because you are applying through NYU Undergraduate Admissions, there are strict requirements that are thoroughly explained in the application. To request an application or access a downloadable version, please visit the NYU Undergraduate Admissions web site.

Do you need to be a Stern student to take the BEMT minor?
No. The BEMT minor is open to all NYU undergraduate students.

What are some of the jobs that alumni have taken after graduating from the EMT Program at Stern?
NYU's Wasserman Center for Career Development maintains information regarding the companies that hire NYU graduates. Their publication, "Life Beyond the Square," provides information on placement. Please visit their web site for more information.