Frequently Asked Questions

Do I apply directly to the EMT Program or must I apply through NYU Stern's MBA Program?
The EMT Program is part of Stern's MBA Program. In order to apply to the EMT Program, you must apply through NYU Stern's MBA Admissions. You can find information on what is required for your application as well as a downloadable application at their web site.

I am interested in the EMT Program and am looking to talk to current students for more information about Stern. Who should I contact?
Current MBA students and members of the Admissions Committee conduct information sessions and tours Monday through Thursday at 4:30 p.m. No reservations are necessary. Visit the MBA Admissions Visitors web site for more information.

Can working professionals take part in the part-time EMT Program?
Absolutely. The majority of the EMT courses are offered in the evening, In fact, approximately half of the students specializing in EMT are working professionals.

Can I major in EMT?
MBA students at the Stern School declare specializations rather than majors. EMT is one of the specializations and consists of nine credits. Students can select from a wide array of courses. At the undergraduate level, there is a BEMT Minor (Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology). It requires the completion of 16 credits from a range of courses. Eight of these credits are taken outside of Stern.

What requirements do I need to apply for the Graduate EMT Program?
Because you are applying through NYU Stern's MBA Admissions, there are strict requirements that are thoroughly explained in the application. To access the online application, please visit the MBA Admissions web site.

What are some of the jobs that alumni have taken after graduating from the EMT Program at Stern?
NYU Stern's Office of Career Development maintains information regarding the companies that hire Stern graduates. Please visit their web site for more information.