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Undergraduate Current Students | Management and Organizations

Learn about the Management & Organizations Concentration 

Management and Organizations help you develop a skill set to anticipate, address, and resolve the central challenges of navigating and running organizations in the 21st century. You learn how to identify and implement the best strategy for a firm. You also examine ways in which people work as individuals, as team members, and as organizational members. You learn to analyze the business as a whole and how to align all aspects of the business accordingly—evaluating the overall needs of an organization (for-profit, not-for-profit, and government), defining supporting objectives, and implementing optimal approaches and tactics to pursue those objectives.

Management & Organizations Concentration Requirements

To declare a concentration in Management & Organizations, you must fill out the concentration declaration form on Stern Life.


Required Functional Business Core Course:

  • Management and Organizations (MGMT-UB 1)

You are required to complete 12 credits of upper-level management courses that consist of:

  • Any four (4) approved Management electives:
    • Any “MGMT-UB” elective
    • Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting (BSPA-UB 103)
    • Competitive Analysis (ECON-UB 15)
    • Case Analysis (MULT-UB 5)
    • Decision Models & Analytics (MULT-UB 7)
    • Game Theory (MULT-UB 20)
    • Business Drivers of Industry (INTA-GB 6056 previously MULT-UB 56)
    • Entrepreneurship & Law in Practice (MULT-UB 86)
    • Experiential Learning Seminar: Fashion Industry (MULT-UB 104)
    • Executive Practitioner Seminar: The Dynamics of the Fashion Industry (MULT-UB 151)
    • Digital Innovation & Crowdsourcing (TECH-UB 70)

Additional Notes and Resources

  • A Stern elective course may satisfy only one concentration requirement. For example,  Competitive Analysis can count as an advanced Management & Organizations elective OR as an advanced marketing elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements.
  • Explore the Management Consulting track to help you supplement your concentration with coursework in specific areas of management.


Meet with a Peer Mentor

Speak with juniors and seniors with knowledge and experience in a wide range of popular industries.

Meet with a Faculty Adviser

Talk more about this coursework as well as academic or professional pathways in this field.

Meet with an Academic Adviser

Plan your concentration and degree.