Actuarial Science

Concentrate in Actuarial Science

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please see the Course Index.

Actuarial Science Program Requirements (31 units)

To complete the actuarial science area of study, students must complete the following courses:
Introduction to the Theory of Probability STAT-UB 14
Mathematics of Investment STAT-UB 27
Corporate Finance FINC-UB 7

This course covers topics that appear on the actuarial examinations.  Please see the Finance Department's Website for more information.
Calculus I MATH-UA 121

More information regarding MATH-UA courses can be found on the Math Department's Website.
Calculus II MATH-UA 122
Calculus III MATH-UA 123
Linear Algebra MATH-UA 140
2 Advanced Additional Electives See list of approved statistics courses.


Approved Statistics Courses (You must take at least two)

Statistical Inference and Regression Analysis


Regression and Multivariate Data Analysis



STAT-UB 15 is preferred. STAT-UB 17 can be taken if STAT-UB 15 is not being offered that semester
Forecasting of Time Series Data STAT-UB 18
Introduction to Stochastic Processes STAT-UB 21
Life Contingencies STAT-UB 37
Though you are only required to take two courses from this list, we encourage you to take all four of these courses to better prepare for the actuarial exams.


Meet with Your Adviser

To ensure proper concentration progress consult your Academic and Faculty Adviser.

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