Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship (BTE)

This program will welcome its first incoming students in August 2021.

The Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship (BTE) degree program is designed as a targeted undergraduate degree program for students that seek to focus a general undergraduate business education on the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. This program will be suited to address the needs of students in a world where technology is becoming a more important part of business and where a dynamic economy requires an entrepreneurial mindset. Through this program students will develop important analytical and critical thinking skills, develop competencies in business and technology, and perspectives on entrepreneurial action and the broader role of business in society.

The program structure consists of a four-part integrated curriculum:
  • Tech & Entrepreneurship Immersion: an experiential course that integrates the entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem of NYC into the classroom
  • Technology Coursework: to build foundational competency in computer science & data analytics in an approach geared for business application
  • Entrepreneurship Coursework: students will develop the ability to think like an entrepreneur, by developing an agile leadership style that is action oriented, and focused on imagining and creating solutions for the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Capstone Course: in which students develop their own ventures or work on a strategically important entrepreneurial project for an early-stage startup
With the completion of this program, you will receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: If I get into BTE and decide that I would prefer to be in another program, can I switch before my first year?

A: All admissions decisions made by the admissions committee are final, so you may not switch to Stern's Business degree or any other NYU program if accepted into BTE. For that reason, it is important you determine which undergraduate program at NYU is right for you before you apply. Visit the NYU Stern Undergraduate College and the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions websites for more information.

Q: If I enroll in the BTE degree, what degree will I graduate with and what is my major?

A: Students enrolling in BTE graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Q: Can I transfer into the BTE program?

A: During your first year, current NYU Stern BS in Business first-year transfers will be allowed on a very limited basis. If you are currently an NYU Stern BS in Business first-year interested in transferring into BTE, please speak to an adviser.

Q: Can I pursue a concentration within Stern?

A: Yes. You can select any of the Stern Concentrations aside from computing and data science and the co-concentration in entrepreneurship. However, you must carefully plan your curriculum and consider the value of such breadth to your course of study. You will be able to work with an adviser to plan out your academic goals and interests.

Q: Can I pursue a second major at NYU?

A: Yes. You can pursue an additional major in the College of Arts and Science, however, you must carefully plan your curriculum and consider the value of such breadth to your course of study. You will be able to work with an adviser to plan out your academic goals and interests. Please consult with an academic adviser. Some exceptions may apply.

Q: Can I pursue a minor in addition to the BTE degree?

A:  Yes. You will have the opportunity to pursue elective courses, which can be used to pursue a minor or sample a wide range of courses that align with your professional or personal interests. Some exceptions may apply.