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Undergraduate Current Students | Minors and Electives

You are required and encouraged to take courses outside of Stern at the other schools at NYU. Use this page to find out about minors, required cross-school courses, and your elective requirements.

Explore Our Joint School Minors

Joint school minors are those that either combine coursework from multiple departments and schools. Stern has partnered with other schools to create the following joint-school minors:

Step Outside of Stern

Learn something new! You can pursue one of the many other cross-school minors that don't include Stern coursework.

Please note:

  • B.S. in Business students may not pursue a minor in Economics
  • B.S. in Business and Political Economy students may not pursue minors in Economics or Politics

How to Declare a Minor

You can officially declare a minor, through Albert. Instructions on how to do this are found on the NYU Registrar's Website.

Fulfill Your Elective Credit Requirement

No matter which degree program you are enrolled in, you are required to take a specified number of elective credits–many of which must be taken outside of Stern. See the list below of schools in which approved coursework can be taken.

Courses taken toward a minor or second major will satisfy these elective requirements. You may not designate classes that fulfill minor/major requirements pass/fail. Please see Stern’s pass/fail policy for more details. If you choose to pursue a major through the College of Arts and Sciences, please note that a majority of your elective credits will be used to fulfill those major requirements. You are encouraged to meet with an academic adviser in addition to the designated administrator or faculty member in the department in which you are majoring to discuss how the required coursework will impact your curricular plan.

Approved NYU coursework includes classes taken at (all prerequisites and course requirements must be met):

Note: Stern students do not receive credit for courses taken through the School of Professional Studies and therefore, you are not permitted to enroll in courses through any SPS programs.