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Program Overview

About National University of Singapore

"The National University of Singapore's mission is to educate business leaders and advance knowledge to promote the progress of global business and society. We seek to be a leading global business school recognized for excellence in education and research. Additionally, we will become the most highly recognized business school throughout Asia within the decade. The University has 1,632 students with 19.25% international students and 105 full-time Faculty." - National University of Singapore

Term Dates

Fall semester (Semester 1): late July to early December
Spring semester (Semester 2): January to May

Note: Dates are approximate and may be subject to change

Approximate Living Expenses

Housing: On-campus accommodation ranges from S$280 – S$720/month (varies by room type)
Food: approximately S$400 - S$800/month
Books and Necessary Class Materials: approximately S$200-300/semester
Local Transportation: S$100 - S$150/month
Personal Expenses: S$500-800/month
Insurance and other: All exchange students are required to purchase the International Comprehensive Insurance from NUS - approximately S$40 per semester, and are charged approximately S$55 in fees for bus & printing services for the semester
Note: S$ = Singapore Dollar

Language of Instruction



On-campus accommodation is available at NUS, but it is not guaranteed.  If not available there is affordable student hostel accommodation nearby.  On-campus accommodation ranges from S$280 – S$720/month (varies by room type)

Student Services

  • Welcome & social activities throughout the semester for exchange students
  • NUS’ Business School Office of Career Services offers events, recruitment and counseling.  Students are encouraged to find their own internships during vacation periods or after courses end.