Concentrate in Accounting

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General Accounting

General Accounting Program Requirements

Managerial Accounting ACCT-UB 4
For students in the classes of 2015 & 2016 pursuing a concentration in this area.
Financial Statement Analysis ACCT-UB 3
3 Advanced Accounting Electives
(9 units)
See list of approved accounting program electives


Approved Accounting Program Elective Options

Managerial Accounting II ACCT-UB 10
Financial Reporting and Disclosure ACCT-UB 21
Acquisitions, Other Restructurings and Related Topics ACCT-UB 22
Financial Modeling and Analysis ACCT-UB 23
Advanced Financial Statement Analysis ACCT-UB 30
Entertainment Accounting ACCT-UB 49
Accounting and Valuation in EMT ACCT-UB 55
Taxation of Individuals ACCT-UB 63
Executive Practitioner Seminar Financial Reporting: Practical Insights MULT-UB 152
Graduate CPA courses Through special application during registration periods. See courses listed in BS/MS section

BS/MS in Accounting Joint Degree Program

You must complete 150 credit to sit for the CPA exam in New York State.  If you complete the Stern BS/MS in Accounting you will be eligible to sit for the CPA exam. Upon completion of the dual-degree program, students earn the Bachelor of Science degree in general accounting and the Master of Science degree in accounting.

Interested students should familiarize themselves with the BS/MS in Accounting Degree Program application process. The MS degree program requires 22 additional graduate units beyond the 128 credit B.S. requirements, 6 of which can be taken as an undergrad.

If you would like to sit for the CPA examination in New York State, you must present evidence of successful completion of this program in addition to NYU Stern's code (HEGIS code 0502/0502). Interested students should write to the New York State Education Department and request Handbook 14.

BS/MS in Accounting Program Requirements (37 Units)

Students in the class of 2015+ are require to select Managerial Accounting (ACCT-UB 4) as one of their functional business tools courses. To complete the accounting area of study, you must complete the following courses:  
Financial Statement Analysis ACCT-UB 3 
Advanced Finance Course FINC-UB XX

For course listings, the see Finance page.
Financial Statement Modeling ACCT-GB 6300
Financial Reporting and Analysis ACCT-GB 6302
Auditing ACCT-GB 6313
Accounting for Financial Instruments ACCT-GB 6317
Advanced Accounting Concepts ACCT-GB 6326
Advanced Managerial Accounting ACCT-GB 6331
Taxation of Individuals and Business Income ACCT-GB 6380
Internal Controls and Accounting Information Systems ACCT-GB 6415
Topics in Advanced Communication in Accounting MCOM-GB 6205
Judgment and Decision-Making MGMT-GB 6251
Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation MGMT-GB 6259