PhD Research


Below is a sample of co-authorships between Ph.D. students and Faculty.

• "Who, if anyone, reacts to accrual information?",
R. Battalio, A. Lerman, J. Livnat and R. Mendenhall, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Forthcoming.

• “Earnings Revisions in SEC Filings from Prior Preliminary Earnings Announcements”,
D. Hollie, J. Livnat and B. Segal, Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 27:1, January 2012, pp.3-31.

• “The New Form 8-K Disclosures”,
A. Lerman and J. Livnat. Review of Accounting Studies, 2010, 15:4, pp.752-778.
• “Management’s Tone Change, Post Earnings Announcement Drift and Accruals”,
R. Feldman, S. Govindaraj, J. Livnat and B. Segal. Review of Accounting Studies, 2010, 5:4,915-953.

• “The Impact of Earnings on the Pricing of Credit Default Swaps,”
Jeffrey L. Callen, Joshua Livnat and Dan Segal. The Accounting Review, September 2009, 84:5, pp. 1363-1394.

• "SEC Scrutiny and the Evolution of Non-GAAP Reporting"
   Kalin Kolev, Carol Marquardt, and Sarah McVay, forthcoming in The Accounting Review, January 2008.

• "Double Surprise into Higher Future Returns"
   Alina Lerman, Joshua Livnat, and Richard R. Mendenhall, forthcoming in Financial Analysts Journal.

• "Differential Market Reactions to Revenue and Expense Surprises"
   Y. Ertimur J. Livnat and M. Martikainen, Review of Accounting Studies.

• "Confirming or Conflicting Sales and Earnings Signals: Differential Returns for Growth and Value Companies"
   Yonca Ertimur and Joshua Livnat, Journal of Portfolio Management, Summer 2002, 28:4, pp. 45-56.

• "Do Rollups Yield Higher Returns?"
    Theresa Henry and Joshua Livnat, Journal of Investing, Summer 2002, 11:2, pp. 57-65.

• "Valuation of Internet Stocks: An IPO Perspective"
    Eli Bartov, Partha Mohanram, and Chandra Seethamraju, Journal of Accounting Research 40, May 2002, pp 321-346.

• "Internet Traffic Measures and Portfolio Returns"
   R. Lazer, B. Lev and J. Livnat, Financial Analysts Journal, May-June 2001, pp. 30-40.

• "Science and Technology as Predictors of Stock Market Performance"
   Zhen Deng, Baruch Lev and Francis Narin, Financial Analysts Journal, May/June 1999.

• "R&D Financing by Swords"
   Baruch Lev and Min Wu, Working Paper.

• "Differential Valuation Implications of Loan Loss Provisions Across Banks and Fiscal Quarters"
   Chi-Chun Liu, Stephen Ryan and James Whalen, Accounting Review, January 1997.

• "The Effect of Bank Loan Portfolio Composition on the Market Reaction to and Anticipation of Provisions for Loan Losses"
   Chi-Chun Liu and Stephen Ryan, Journal of Accounting Research, Spring 1995.