Recent Publications

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Christine Cuny
Eli Bartov
Mary Billings
Michael Jung
Stephen Ryan
Yiwei Dou

Christine Cuny

  • “When Transparency Pays: The Moderating Effect of Reporting Quality on Changes in the Cost of Debt”, (with Svenja Dube) Best Paper, 2017 Municipal Finance Conference

Eli Bartov

  • "Can Twitter Help Predict Firm-Level Earnings and Stock Returns?," The Accounting Review - Forthcoming, July 2018, Eli Bartov, Lucile Faurel and Partha Mohanram (2017)

Mary Billings

  • "On guidance and volatility", M.B. Billings, R. Jennings, and B. Lev (2015), Journal of Accounting and Economics, forthcoming
  • "Strategic silence, insider selling and litigation risk", M.B. Billings and M. Cedergren (2015), Journal of Accounting and Economics 59: 119-142
  • "When does pre-IPO financial reporting trigger post-IPO legal consequences?",M.B. Billings and M.F. Lewis (2015), Contemporary Accounting Research, forthcoming,

Michael Jung

  • "Do Investors Benefit from Selective Access to Management?", Brian J. Bushee, Michael J. Jung, and Gregory S. Miller (2017)
  • "Do Firms Strategically Disseminate? Evidence from Corporate Use of Social Media", Michael J. Jung, James. P. Naughton, Ahmed Tahoun, and Clare Wang (2017)
  • "Buy-Side Analysts and Earnings Conference Calls", Michael J. Jung, M.H. Franco Wong, and X. Frank Zhang (2017)
  • "The Predictability of Analyst Forecast Revisions", Michael J. Jung, Jessica Keeley, and Joshua Ronen (2017)
  • "The Confirmation Effect of Analyst Recommendation Reiterations", Jing Chen, Michael J. Jung, and Joshua Ronen (2017)
  • "Activist Hedge Funds and Firm Disclosure", Jing Chen and Michael J.Jung (2016)
  • "Making Sense of One Dollar CEO Salaries", Sophia Hamm, Michael J. Jung, and Clare Wang (2015)
  • "Analyst Interest as an Early Indicator of Firm Fundamental Changes and Stock Returns", Michael J. Jung, M. H. Franco Wong, and X. Frank Zhang (2015)

Stephen Ryan

  • "Conditionally Conservative Fair Value Measurements", Badia, M., M. Duro, F. Penalva and S. Ryan (2017)
  • "Borrower Private Information Covenants and Loan Contract Monitoring", Carrizosa, R., and S. Ryan (2017)
  • "The Effects of Credit Competition on Banks’ Loan Loss Provisions", Dou, Y., S. Ryan, and Y. Zou (2017)
  • "Do the Effects of Accounting Requirements on Banks’ Regulatory Capital Adequacy Undermine Financial Stability?", Ryan, S. (2017)
  • "Securitization and Insider Trading", Ryan, S., J. Tucker, and Y. Zhou (2016)
  • "Banks' Financial Reporting and Financial System Stability", Acharya, V., and S. Ryan (2016)

Yiwei Dou

  • "Employee Ownership and Firm Disclosure", Francesco Bova, Yiwei Dou, and Ole-Kristian Hope (2015)
  • "Individual Large Shareholders, Earnings Management, and Capital Market Consequences", Yiwei Dou, Ole-Kristian Hope, Wayne Thomas, and Youli Zou (2016)
  • "Accounting Conservatism and Performance Covenants: A Signaling Approach", Jeffrey Callen, Feng Chen, Yiwei Dou, and Baohua Xin (2016)
  • "Labor Unemployment Insurance and Earnings Management", Yiwei Dou, Mozaffar Khan, and Youli Zou (2016)
  • "Corruption in Bank Lending: The Role of Timely Loan Loss Recognition", Brian Akins, Yiwei Dou, and Jeffrey Ng (2017)
  • "The Effect of Credit Competition on Banks' Loan Loss Provisions", Yiwei Dou, Stephen Ryan, and Youli Zou (2017)
  • "Blockholder Exit Threats and Financial Reporting Quality", Yiwei Dou, Ole-Kristian Hope, Wayne Thomas, and Youli Zou (2017)