Seminar Series

The Accounting Department Research Seminar Series takes place each semester featuring researchers, faculty members, and Ph.D students from leading universities and institutions.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming seminar please email for more information.

Fall 2023

September 22Yadav Gopalan
Kelley School of Business, Indiana Univeristy
How (in)effective was bank supervision during the 2022 Monetary Tightening?
September 29Eva Labro 
Kenan-Flagler Business School,
University of North Carolina
Overreliance on Data in Forecasting
October 6Jungho Choi
Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University
Fraudulent Financial Reporting and the Consequences for Employees
October 13Matthias Breuer
Columbia Business School, Columbia University
Audit Mandates, Audit Firms, and Auditors
November 17Fabrizio Ferri 
Herbert Business School, University of Miami
Searching for Directors

Spring 2024

March 1Rahul Vashishtha
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Earnings Information Spillovers and Depositor Contagion
March 8Davide Cianciaruso
New Economic School
Earnings Increases as Costly Signals: Theory and Evidence
March 29Regina Wittenberg Moerman
Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California
Non-Fundamental Loan Renegotiations
April 5Zachary Kaplan
Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Past Seminars

Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 24 Sarah Zechman
UC Boulder
October 1 Kristen Valentine
University of Georgia
October 22 Mark Maffett
October 29 Beatrice Michaeli
November 12 Stephen Glaeser
December 10 Joao Granja
Date: Speaker: Topic:
February 5 Aytekin Ertan
London Business School
February 26 Frank Zhou
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
March 12 Robert Goex
University of Zurich
March 26 Gwen Yu
University of Michigan
April 30 Rimmy Tomy
University of Chicago
Date: Speaker: Topic:
October 2 Ed deHaan
University of Washington
October 30 David Veenman
University of Amsterdam
November 13 Daniel Taylor
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 20 Ahmed Tahoun
London Business School
Political Lending
September 27 Lin Nan
Purdue University
October 4 Daniel Aobdia
Northwestern University
October 11 Lauren Cohen
Harvard Business School
October 18 Guojin Gong
Penn State
October 29 Pingyang Gao
Chicago Booth
November 12 Charles Wang
Harvard Business School
November 22 Delphine Samuels
MIT Sloan
Date: Speaker: Topic:
March 1 Leslie Robinson
Dartmouth College
April 26 Ana Albuquerque
Boston University
Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 14 Ivan Marinovic
Stanford University
September 21 John Barrios
Chicago Booth
September 28 Allison Nicoletti
Wharton School
October 5 Eric So
MIT Sloan School of Management
November 9 Henry Friedman
November 16 Xiaojun Zhang
December 7 Michel Magnan
Concordia University
December 14 Hila Fogel-Yaari
Tulane University
Date: Speaker: Topic:
February 9 Paul Fischer
University of Pennsylvania
Mission Capture
March 2 Edward Li
Baruch College
March 23 Eric Allen
USC Marshall School of Business
March 30 Christian Leuz
Booth School of Business
April 20 Robert Bushman
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
April 27 T.J. Wong
USC Marshall School of Business
May 4 Jennifer Tucker
University of Florida
Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 15 Terrence Blackburne
University of Washington
Why do CEOs make unprofitable purchases?
September 29 T.J. Wong
University of Southern California
October 6 Sri Sridharan
Northwestern University
Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosures: Dynamic Interactions
November 10 Xiao-Jun Zhang
University of California, Berkeley
December 1 Florin Vasvari
London Business School
December 8 Joseph Pacelli
Indiana University
Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 9 Maria Ogneva
University Of Southern California
Corporate Failure and the Business Cycle: Measuring Systematic Risk
September 16 Siew Hong Teoh
University of California, Irvine
Using Google Searches of Firm Products to Nowcast Sales Revenues and Detect Revenue Management
September 30 Michael Minnis
University of Chicago
Commercial Lending Concentration and Bank Expertise:
Evidence from Borrower Financial Statements*
October 7 Sugata Roychowdhury
Boston College
Clarity begins at home: Internal Information Asymmetry and External Communication Quality
October 14 Lakshmanan Shivakumar
London Business School
Do Compensation Disclosures Matter for SoP  Voting?
October 21 Mary Barth
Stanford University
Evolution in Value Relevance of Accounting Information
October 28 Chandra Kanodia
University of Minnesota
Mark-to-Market: Real Effects and Social Welfare
November 18 Thomas Hemmer
Rice University
Income Smoothing as a rational for equilibrium behavior
December 2 Brad Badertscher
University of Notre Dame
The Market Reaction to Bank Regulatory Filings
December 9 Monica Neamtiu
Baruch College
The disciplining effect of credit default swap trading on the
performance of credit rating agencies
December 16 Alvis Lo
Boston College
Employment laws, employee information input, and delays in loss recognition: Evidence from U.S. banks
Date: Speaker: Topic:
January 30 Gerardo Perez Cavazos
University of Chicago
Sharing private information with customers:
Strategic default and lender learning
February 4 Nathan Marshall 
Indiana University
February 6 Daniel Saavedra 
MIT Sloan School of  Management
Renegotiation and the Choice of Covenants in Debt Contracts
February 10 Andrew Sutherland 
University of Chicago
The Economic Consequences of Borrower Information Sharing:
Relationship Dynamics and Investment
February 13 Wen Chen 
University of Minnesota
Equity investor sentiment and bond market reaction:
Test of overinvestment and capital flow hypotheses
February 17 Omri Even-Tov
University of California
Can the Bond Price Reaction to Earnings Announcements Predict Future Stock Returns?
Date: Speaker: Topic:
October 3 Igor Kadach
New York University
October 10 Feng Li
University of Michigan
October 17 Dushyant Vyas
University of Toronto
November 14 Gaoqing Zhang
Carnegie Mellon University
November 21 Jeremy Bertomeu
City University of New York
December 12 Miguel Minutti-Meza
University of Miami
Date: Speaker: Topic:
January 14 John Gallemore
University of North Carolina
 Does bank opacity enable regulatory forbearance?
January 21 Kyle Welch
Harvard Business School
Private Equity's Diversification Illusion:
Economic Comovement and Fair Value Reporting
January 28 Lindsey Gallo
University of Maryland
 The More We Know about Fundamentals, the Less We Agree on Price?
Evidence from Earnings Announcements
February 2014 Bryce Schonberger
University of Southern California
 Real asset liquidity and asset impairments
February 11 Nan Li
University of Chicago
 Labor Market Peer Firms
February 14 Anne Heinrichs
University of Chicago
 Investors’ access to corporate management: A field experiment about 1-on-1-calls
February 28 Scott Richardson
London Business School
 Risky Value
Date: Speaker: Topic:
January 25 Joao Granja
University of Chicago
Disclosure Regulation in the Commercial Banking Industry: Lessons from the National Banking Era.
February 1 Christine Cuny
University of Chicago
Determinants of Municipal Disclosure and the Consequences of Dissemination
February 8 Matthew Lyle
University of Toronto
How Does Accounting Quality Affect Option Returns?
February 15 Suhas A. Sridharan
Stanford University
Volatility forecasting using financial Statement information
February 27 Ed deHaan
University of Washington
The Financial Crisis and Credibility of Corporate Credit Ratings
March 1 Hoa Xue
Carnegie Mellon University
Independent and Affiliated Analysts: Disciplining and Herding
March 8 Jeremy Michels
University of Colorado Boulder
Disclosure Versus Recognition: Inferences from Subsequent Events
Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 14 Ilan Guttman
Stanford University
Not Only What But also When: A Theory of Dynamic Voluntary Disclosure
September 28 Phil Stocken
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth
Location of Decision-Rights Within Multinational Firms
October 12 Tzachi Zach
Ohio State University
Sell-Side Benchmarks
October 19 Scott Dyreng
Duke University
Cross-Jurisdictional Income Shifting by U.S. Multinationals
October 26 Tjomme Rusticus
Northwestern University
Market inefficiency and implied cost of capital models
November 9 Robert Bloomfield
Cornell University
Credit Spreads, Consumer Sentiment and
Operating Leverage
November 12 Seda Oz
Job Market Paper
November 30 Nemit Shroff
MIT Sloan School of Management
Externalities of Public Firm Presence: Evidence from Private
Firms' Investment Decisions
December 7 Panos Patatoukas
University of California, Berkeley
Date: Speaker: Topic:
January 4 Eric C. So
Stanford University
A New Approach to Predicting Analyst Forecast Errors: Do Investors Overweight Analyst Forecasts?
January 13 Mark G. Maffett
University of North Carolina
Who Benefits from Corporate Opacity? International Evidence from Informed Trading by Institutional Investors
January 18 Rahul Vashishtha
University of Pennsylvania
&Evidence on the role of banks in borrowers' disclosure
January 20 Daniel Aobdia
UCLA Anderson School of Management
Proprietary Information Spillovers and Auditor Choice
January 25 Yiwei Dou
University of Toronto
The Debt-Contracting Value of Accounting Numbers, Renegotiation, and Investment Efficiency
January 27 Lin Cheng
Ohio State University
Organized Labor and Debt Contracting: Firm-Level Evidence from Collective Bargaining
February 1 Justin Hopkins
University of North Carolina
Private Enforcement of Securities Laws and Financial Reporting Choices
February 8 Elizabeth Blankespoor
University of Michigan
The Impact of Investor Information Processing Costs on Firm Disclosure Choice: Evidence from the XBRL Mandate
February 10 Michael Tang
University of Rochester
What Guides the Guidance?
An Empirical Examination of the Dynamic Disclosure Theory
February 15 Eric Weisbrod
Arizona State University
The Disposition Effect as a Determinant of the Abnormal Volume and Return
February 16 Anastasia Zakolyukina
Stanford University
Measure of International Manipulation: A Structural Approach< /a>
February 22 Suresh Nallareddy
University of Southern California
Does Differential Sensitivity to Aggregate Earning Shocks Drive Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift?
Date: Speaker: Topic:
September 23 Wan Wongsunwai
Northwestern University
Debtholder Responses to Shareholder Activism
September 30 Roger Willett
University of Tasmania, Australia
Parameter Heterogeneity

Multiplicative Models In Regressions
October 7 Jeffrey Ng
The Role of Financial Reporting Transparency
October 14 Preeti Choudhary
Georgetown University
Form 10-K Timing and Information Asymmetry
November 11 Sophia Hamm
Ohio State
Having Accounting Standards Affected Deal Structures in Mergers and Acquisitions?
December 2 Partha Mohanram
University of Toronto
The Role of Analysts' Cash Flow Forecasts in the Decline of the Accruals Anomaly
December 9 Ed Owens
University of Rochester
Window Dressing of Short-term Borrowings