Polaroids of Advising Team Members


Academic and faculty advisers are here to help you design a well-rounded academic program to meet your goals.

What Can Academic Advising Do for You?

Academic advisers offer one-on-one advising to assist in curriculum planning and academic programs to supplement your academic experience. Advisers are happy to offer guidance on a variety of topics including (but not limited to) the following: Advisers are always happy to answer any questions via email. You can email specific advisers or our main advising address.

What Can Faculty Advising Do for You?

Each academic department that is associated with an area of study has at least one faculty adviser responsible for advising NYU Stern undergraduates regarding:
  • Academic Interests
  • Career Ambitions
  • Research Opportunities
  • Mentorship
Faculty advisers all have special office hours set aside to work with students.

When to Meet with Advisers

We encourage you to meet with advisers as often as you like. You aren’t required to meet with an adviser to be cleared for registration, however, most students meet with an adviser at least once a semester (typically prior to course registration). Visit our Academic Advising page for instructions on how to set up an appointment.