Learn about the Finance Concentration

Finance provides the technical and analytical skills necessary to understand how financial markets function, as well as how businesses operate and make decisions within these markets. This concentration will help prepare you to enter the finance industry – whether in financial institutions and divisions or in government or non-profit institutions.

The finance curriculum can be divided into two subfields: corporate finance and investments/capital markets. Note that the material in several courses overlaps both subfields. If you are not concentrating in Finance but would like to have some exposure to corporate finance and investment/capital markets, Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2) followed by Corporate Finance (FINC-UB 7) provides an excellent overview of these two areas in finance.

This finance chart lists the advanced electives by the subfield to which they belong and the associated prerequisites.

Finance Concentration Requirements

To declare a concentration in Finance, you must fill out the concentration declaration form on Stern Life.

Required Functional Business Core Course:

  • Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2)


You are required to complete at least 12 credits of upper-level finance courses that consist of:

  • Corporate Finance (FINC-UB 7)
  • Any three (3) approved finance electives

Approved Finance Elective Options

  • Any “FINC-UB” elective
  • Financial Modeling & Analysis (ACCT-UB 23)
  • Financial Statement Modeling (ACCT-GB 6300)
  • Global Macroeconomics (ECON-UB 230)
  • Macroeconomic Foundations for Asset Prices (ECON-UB 233)
  • Business, Economy, and Policy in Midst of COVID-19 (MULT-UB 24)
  • The Financial System (MULT-UB 27)
  • Foundations of Fintech (MULT-UB 80)
  • Scientific Computing in Finance (MATH-GA 2048)
  • Algorithmic Trading & Quantitative Strategies (MATH-GA 2708)
  • Risk & Portfolio Management (MATH-GA 2751)
  • Financial Securities & Markets (MATH-GA 2791)
  • Continuous Time Finance (MATH-GA 2792)

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