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Undergraduate Current Students | Sustainable Business

Learn About the Sustainable Business Concentration

At a time of indisputable societal and environmental change, concentrating in Sustainable Business will examine the unique role of the private sector and gain a broad understanding of how embedding sustainability into core business strategy benefits financial performance and management practices.

Sustainable Business Concentration Requirements

To declare a concentration in Sustainable Business, you must fill out the concentration declaration form on SternLife.

You are required to complete 12 credits of Sustainable Business courses that consist of: 

  • Sustainability for Competitive Advantage (BSPA-UB 68) 
  • Three (3) courses (at least 9 credits), one from each of the following sections below: Issue Area, Discipline, and Practicum

Approved Issue Area Courses

  • Social Entrepreneurship (BSPA-UB 41)
  • Economic Inequality: Perspectives and Practices (BSPA-UB 43)
  • Global Business & Human Rights (BSPA-UB 47)
  • Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Protein (BSPA-UB 50)*
  • Flourishing (BSPA-UB 52) open to sophomores only
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Food Business (BSPA-GB 2306)
  • Driving Market Solutions for Clean Energy (BSPA-GB 2308)
  • Business and the Environment (ECON-UB 225)
  • Business Economy and Policy in Midst of COVID-19 (MULT-UB 24)*

*This course is no longer offered. However, students who took the course previously can still use it to fulfill the "Issue Area" requirement.

Approved Discipline Courses

  • Innovations and Strategies for Building a Progressive Social Enterprise (BSPA-UB 44) 
  • Theory & Practice of Sustainable Investing (BSPA-UB 48) 
  • Accounting for Sustainability (BSPA-UB 67) two-credit course**
  • Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Industry (ACCT-UB 53) two-credit course**
  • Global Economic Trends (ECON-UB 240)
  • Managing Climate, Cyber, Geopolitical and Financial Risk (FINC-GB 6075)
  • Climate Finance: An Economic and Financial Approach to Climate Change (FINC-UB 77)

** These courses are designed to be taken in tandem.  Both will be offered starting in spring 2024 - one in the first 7 weeks of the term and the other in the second.  Please check Albert for more details.

Approved Practicum (P) Courses

  • Sustainability Impact Consulting in Costa Rica (BSPA-UB 45)* 
  • Marketing for Impact: Strategies for Sustainable Business (BSPA-UB 51)
  • Social Innovation Practicum  (BSPA-UB 70) 
  • Experiential Learning Seminar: Social Impact Consulting (BSPA-UB 103) 
  • SEG: Social Entrepreneurship in Ghana (BSPA-UB 2000) 
  • NYU Impact Investment Fund (NIIF) (INTA-GB 3371) This is a year-long 3-credit course that requires special permission for students to enroll.

*This course is no longer offered. However, students who took the course previously can still use it to fulfill the "Practicum" requirement.

Additional Notes and Resources

  • A Stern elective course may satisfy only one concentration requirement. For example, Marketing for Impact (BSPA-UB 51) can count as a Sustainable Business elective or Marketing elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements.

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