Concentrate in Marketing

Marketing is the part of the organization that serves as the interface between the firm and its customers. Marketing ensures the firm provides value to the consumer so that it can achieve its share, revenue, and profit objectives. At the broadest level, marketing is responsible for transforming consumer needs into products and services that the firm can offer profitably and for promoting and delivering those offerings to the marketplace. Marketing activities are both strategic and tactical.

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please review the Course Index.

Students interested in marketing research are encouraged to consider a secondary concentration in Statistics.

Marketing Program Requirements (12 units)

To complete the marketing area of study, students must complete the following courses in addition to Marketing (MKTG-UB 1)
Consumer Behavior MKTG-UB 2
Research for Customer Insights MKTG-UB 9
Advanced Marketing Electives (6 units) Any MKTG-UB elective or approved course (see below). Credits can be any combination of 2 or 3 unit courses. 

Additional courses approved to count as Marketing electives:

Marketing for Impact: Strategies for Sustainable Business BSPA-UB 51
Competitive Analysis
Social Media & Digital Marketing INFO-UB 38
Decision Models and Analytics MULT-UB 7
Decision Making Under Uncertainty MULT-UB 16
Search and the New Economy MULT-UB 36

Note: A Stern elective course may satisfy only one concentration requirement (e.g., Competative Analysis can count toward the Business Economics concentration requirement OR as an advanced marketing elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements).