Concentrate in Operations

Operations is concerned with the production and delivery of both physical goods and services. Operations may be viewed as an organization’s way of aligning global corporate strategy with implementable day-to-day activities and actions. While it is critical to understand how to provide the right capital for the firm, how to promote demand, and how to manage human resources, it is equally important to master the knowledge of how to facilitate production and service delivery and ensure that the corresponding processes are aligned with the overall corporate strategy.

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please review the Course Index.

To complete the operations area of study, students must complete the following courses in addition to Operations Management OPMG-UB 1.
Operations Program Requirements (12 units)
Requirement Courses
4 Advanced Operations Elective (12 units) Any OPMG-UB elective
At least 6 of the 12 units towards the completion of the concentration must be taken from these courses, however, it is encouraged that 9 of the 12 units be taken from this list when possible:
Operations Electives
Course Number Couse Name
MULT-UB 7 Decision Models and Analytics
MULT-UB 16 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
MULT-UB 30 Pricing and Revenue Analytics
OPMG-UB 6 Supply Chain Management
OPMG-UB 15 Operations in Financial Services
OPMG-UB 60 Real Estate Development and Entrepreneurship
Additional Courses Approved to Count as Operations Electives
Course Number Course Name
TECH-UB 38 Social Media & Digital Marketing
TECH-UB 70 Digital Innovation and Crowdsourcing
MGMT-UB 8 Managing Innovation
MKTG-UB 54 Data-Driven Decision Making

Note: A Stern elective course may satisfy only one concentration requirement (e.g., Managing Innovation can count toward the Management concentration requirement OR as an advanced Operations elective, but it cannot satisfy both requirements).