Inclusion, Diversity, Belonging, and Equity

We support each other and foster a community where everyone can grow and excel.

Building a community that embraces inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity (IDBE) is a top priority at the NYU Stern Undergraduate College (UC). In 2018, we identified three key areas on which we would continue to focus: (1) educating and updating our community; (2) providing support to and ensuring representation within our community; and (3) monitoring policies and processes.

Our ongoing efforts are the result of collaborations across offices, groups, and individuals throughout our community, including NYU’s Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation; NYU Stern’s Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion; the UC IDBE Advisory Board; as well as faculty, staff, and students.

Strategic Plan 2019-2020

Created July 2019

    • First-Year Experience – In collaboration with the Business and Society Program, we will connect two first-year courses – Cohort Leadership Program and Business & Society – to extend IDBE conversations throughout the entire first year.
    • Second-Year Experience – Through a reflective group experience during Sophomore Reorientation day, second-year students will revisit IDBE concepts and skills learned in their first-year classes so that they can continue to explore personal and social identities in their campus community.
    • Social Impact Curriculum Update – Following a faculty review of our four-course Social Impact curriculum, new coursework will address the evolving priorities of businesses and our global society, such as sustainability, diversity, and social justice. 
    • Advisory Board – NYU Stern’s Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion will assume leadership of the UC IDBE Advisory Board, which will expand to include additional members of the broader NYU Stern community. 
    • Faculty Support – Through a combination of training, guides, and information sharing, faculty will have the information they need to create inclusive classrooms.
    • Community-Wide Trainings – Led by NYU Stern’s Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, trainings for faculty, staff, and students will promote an inclusive campus environment (e.g. social identity dialogue, inclusivity workshops, etc.).

    • Student Clubs and Organizations – To embed IDBE more deeply as a shared community value, clubs and organizations will be required to incorporate IDBE events each semester, and student leaders will continue to receive training and structured guidance on inclusive leadership.
    • Mentorship – To support the UC community in creating a sense of belonging for all students, the UC will create new avenues for students to connect with members of our broader community, such as faculty and graduate students.
    • Tisch Lobby – To create a welcoming space for all students, the Tisch Hall Lobby will undergo a renovation that creates a physical space that encourages collaboration and connection, as well as a visual environment that promotes belonging and reflects our diverse community.

    • Course Evaluations – The School will explore how to measure inclusive approaches to learning in the classroom.
    • NYU and Stern Collaborations – The UC will consult regularly with NYU Stern’s Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, and will continue to work closely with colleagues at NYU and across Stern on potential process changes that could facilitate a more inclusive environment.
Important information on IDBE is available on the undergraduate student portal Stern Life, in the Undergraduate College administrative offices, and throughout Tisch Hall. Students can also contact any member of the Undergraduate College team with any questions.