Marketing is the functional area that generates revenues for an organization. It is also the functional area that serves as an interface between the organization and its most valuable asset – the customer. At its broadest level, marketing is responsible for determining consumers’ needs, translating their needs into products and services the firm can offer, and effectively delivering and promoting those offerings to the marketplace. Marketing’s activities are both strategic and tactical.

At the strategic level, it bears primary responsibility for determining the product /market choices the firm makes based on analysis of demand, competition, economics, and the firm’s unique ability to secure a competitively defensible position in the marketplace. At the tactical level, it plans for and implements such activities as marketing research, distribution, pricing, advertising, and sales promotion, which ensure the success of the firm and its offerings in the marketplace.

The undergraduate concentration in marketing prepares students for all the different aspects of the field. Students develop knowledge of the analytical tools needed to understand marketing problems as well as the necessary skills for solving the problems.