Faculty Research



Guler, Ali Umut, Kanishka Misra, and Vishal Singh (2024), “Local Market Reaction to Brand Acquisitions: Evidence From the Craft Beer Industry,” Marketing Science.

Jung, Minah, Clayton Critcher, and Leif Nelson (2024), “Evaluations Are Inherently Comparative, But Are Compared To What?Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

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Bollinger, Bryan, Kenneth Gillingham, Stefan Lamp and Tsvetan Tsvetanov (2023), "Promotional Campaign Duration and Word-of-Mouth in Solar Panel Adoption," Marketing Science.
-Finalist, Gary Lilien Practice Prize

Raghubir, Priya and Shirly Bluvstein (2023), "“From Bribes to Bequests and Gifts to Gratuities: The Black, White, and Shades of Grey of How and Why Consumers Pay What They Want,” Consumer Psychology Review.

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Ursu, Raluca, Tülin Erdem, Qingliang Wang, and Qianyun Zhang (2023), “Prior Uncertainty and Consumer Search: Evidence from Eye-tracking,” Management Science.

Recently Published

Haenlein, Michael, Barak Libai, and Eitan Muller (2023), “Satiation and Cross Promotion: Selling and Swapping Users in Mobile Games,"  International Journal of Research in Marketing, Volume 40, Issue 2, 342-261.

Shi, Zijun (June), Xiao Liu, and Kannan Srinivasan (2022), “Hype News Diffusion and Risk of Misinformation: The Oz Effect in Health Care,” Journal of Marketing Research, 59 (2), 327-352.
- Winner of the JMR Paul E. Green Award for 2023
- Co-winner of the 2023 AMA MR-SIG Don Lehmann Award for best paper based on a dissertation published in the last two years.

Simonov, Andrey, Raluca Ursu, and Carolina Zheng (2022), “Suspense and Surprise in Media Product Design: Evidence from Twitch,” Journal of Marketing Research, 60 (1), 1-24.
- Finalist for the JMR Paul E. Green Award for 2023