Recent Publications

by Marketing Department Faculty and Ph.D. Students

Yao, Song, Wenbo Wang, and  Yuxin Chen (forthcoming). "TV Channel Search and Commercial Breaks." Journal of Marketing Research.
Ursu, Raluca (forthcoming). "The Power of Rankings: Quantifying the Effect of Rankings on Online Consumer Search and Purchase Decisions." Marketing Science. 
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Volume 4, 2017 - Issue 1: Business2017. 2017.
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Barasch, Alixandra, Emma E. Levine, and Maurice E. Schweitzer. "Bliss is ignorance: How the magnitude of expressed happiness influences perceived naiveté and interpersonal exploitation." Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. 2016.
Barasch, Alixandra, Jonathan E. Berman, and Deborah Small. "When Payment Undermines the Pitch: On the Persuasiveness of Pure Motives in Fund-Raising." Psychological Science. 2016. 
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Peluso, Alessandro M., Andrea Bonezzi, Matteo de Angelis, and Derek Rucker. "Compensatory Word of Mouth: Advice as a Device to Restore Control." International Journal of Research in Marketing, Issue #2, 2016.
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Valenzuela, Ana, and Priya Raghubir.  "Are Consumers Aware of Top-Bottom but not of Left-Right Inferences? Implications for Shelf Space Positions," Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied. 2015.
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Sussman, A. B., Sharma, E., and Alter, A. L. (forthcoming). "Framing Charitable Donations as
Exceptional Expenses Increases Giving
." Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied.
Greenleaf, Eric, Eric Johnson, Vicki G. Morwitz, and Edith Shalev (forthcoming), "The Price does not Include Additional Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges: A Review of Research on Partitioned Pricing," Journal of Consumer Psychology.
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Venkatraman, Vinod, Angelika Dimoka, Paul A. Pavlou, Khoi Vo, William Hampton, Bryan Bollinger, Hal E. Hershfield, Masakazu Ishihara, and Russell S. Winer (forthcoming), "Predicting Advertising Success Beyond Traditional Measures: New Insights from Neurophysiological Methods and Market Response Modeling," Journal of Marketing Research special issue on neuromarketing.
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October 2012 - December 2012
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* Publications by Marketing Department Faculty are in red, while those by past and current doctoral students are noted in blue.