Concentration Requirements

Marketing Concentration Requirements (12 units)

Students who wish to concentrate in marketing must take 12 units of marketing courses in addition to the required Business Core course Introduction to Marketing MKTG-UB 1. These 12 units include the following courses:

Marketing Concentration Requirements (12 units)

Consumer Behavior MKTG-UB 2
Research for Customer Insights MKTG-UB 9
6 Units of Advanced Marketing Electives

Can be any combination of 2 or 3 unit courses. See list approved advanced marketing courses below.
Students pursuing marketing should consult with their adviser in the Stern Office of Academic Advising during sophomore year to ensure course distribution requirements are being met and to formally declare the marketing concentration. The Department of Marketing’s undergraduate faculty adviser is available to advise on marketing course selection or other matters marketing students may wish to discuss.

Students interested in augmenting their studies of marketing research are encouraged to consider a double concentration in marketing and statistics. Students interested in this area of study should meet with the faculty advisers for both marketing and statistics as well as their academic adviser to discuss how this combination may impact their chosen curricular path. Refer to the Statistics concentration overview for more information.

Approved Advanced Marketing Courses

Advertising Management MKTG-UB 3

Requires sophomore standing.
Managing Creative Content Development MKTG-UB 4
The Business of Publishing MKTG-UB 19
Movie Marketing MKTG-UB 22
Impact of Technology on Entertainment and Media MKTG-UB 23
The Business of Broadway MKTG-UB 25
Entertainment and Media Industries MKTG-UB 40
Television Management: Network, Cable, and Satellite MKTG-UB 44
Social Media Strategy MKTG-UB 45
Globalization of the Entertainment Industry MKTG-UB 46
Sports Marketing MKTG-UB 47
The Business of Producing MKTG-UB 49
Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Tribeca Film Festival MKTG-UB 51
Pricing  MKTG-UB 53
Data Driven Decision Making MKTG-UB 54
Brand Strategy & Planning MKTG-UB 55
Digital Business Strategy MKTG-UB 56
Designing & Developing New Products MKTG-UB 60
Global Marketing Management MKTG-UB 64
Decision-Making Strategies in Marketing and Management MKTG-UB 65
Marketing of Hi-Tech Products MKTG-UB 70
Leisure Marketing MKTG-UB 80
Luxury Marketing MKTG-UB 85
Independent Study in Marketing MKTG-UB 94-99
Decision Models MULT-UB 7
Competitive Analysis MULT-UB 15
Search and the New Economy MULT-UB 36
Data Analytics in Digital Marketing INFO-UB.38

For course descriptions, prerequisites and course scheduling options, please review the Course Index.