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Co-sponsored by the NYU Stern Fubon Center
The IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics (DSAA) in Turin, Italy, is the 5th annual installment of the conference.

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IEEE DSAA 2018 aims to be the flagship annual meeting spanning the interdisciplinary field of Data Science.

DSAA focuses on the science of data science, and the implications of its applications to industry, government, and society.
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Five keynote presentations were delivered by: Christopher Bishop, Francesca Dominici, Deirdre Mulligan, Claudia Perlich, and Alessandro Vespignani.
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The tutorials at the IEEE DSAA 2018 are related either to the statistical and/or the computer science side of data science.
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Science Reversions in Torino: DSAA’18

Dr. Luca Maria Aiello, Senior Research Scientist in the Social Dynamics team at Bell Labs Cambridge, UK, and Research Fellow of the ISI Foundation in Torino, wrote a thoughtful summary of the presentations.