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Fubon Center Fintech Advisory Board

Andrew Boyajian

Head of Variable Recurring Payments, Tink (a Visa Solution)

Andrew Boyajian is the Head of Variable Recurring Payments, Tink. Tink is Europe’s leading open banking platform that enables banks, fintechs and startups to develop data-driven financial services.

Andrew previously served as product commercialization of emerging payments and fintechs for Wholesale Payments at J.P. Morgan. Focused on harmonizing products and platforms across the North American markets, he worked with networks to modernize payments and evaluate fintechs for opportunities and growth. With expertise across the payments industry, he also previously served as Head of Banking, North America for TransferWise, expanding the company into Canada, the US, and Mexico as well as managing its strategic financial partnerships. He also served as Director of International and Payments at Kickstarter, where he launched the crowdfunding company across to new audiences across seventeen markets. Andrew graduated from Elizabethtown College with a BS in International Business and began his career with financial operations roles at Google and Eventbrite.