Headshot of Margarita Boyarskaya

Margarita Boyarskaya

Data Science for Social Good: AI Fairness, Causality, and Equitable Crowdsourcing
Headshot of Abhinav Gupta

Abhinav Gupta

Labor Mobility, Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Evidence from Immigration Wait Lines
Headshot of Katia Meggiorin

Katia Meggiorin

Sharing Economy and Regulatory Uncertainty: The Effect of Complementor Type on a Platform Performance
Headshot of Manav Raj

Manav Raj

Competition in Platform Ecosystems and Digital Markets
Headshot of Chenshuo Sun

Chenshuo Sun

Emerging Technologies and Digital Future
NYU University-wide Outstanding Dissertation Award
Runner up, Nunamaker-Chen Doctoral Dissertation