Tech@Stern: Taking a Deeper Dive into Human-AI Augmentation Complexity

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, AI adoption is at the forefront of digital transformation efforts. Organizations are increasingly integrating AI into their operations to gain a competitive edge, optimize processes, and unlock new opportunities. But what does the research say about this trend? What challenges and opportunities do businesses face as they embrace AI?

Tech@Stern | Is AI Ground Truth Really True?

Is AI Ground Truth Really True?: The Dangers of Training and Evaluating AI Tools Based on Experts’ Know-What. NYU Stern Professor Natalia Levina explores the challenges of evaluating AI tools.

Tech@Stern | Socio-political Risk and the Social License to Operate

NYU Stern Professor Sinziana Dorobantu’s research highlights the importance of firms obtaining the social license to operate.

Tech@Stern | Cryptocurrencies and BlockChain Research

Fubon Director Kathleen DeRose interviews Fubon Research Scholar Professor, and Chair of the Finance Department David Yermack about his ground-breaking research into blockchain and crypto.

Tech@Stern | How to Manage Innovation (Even Remotely)

NYU Stern Professor Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, Sarah Lebovitz (Ph.D '20) and Lior Zalmanson share the findings from a three year study of organizing hackathons. This video describes three strategic best practices to help managing innovation while balancing autonomy with control.

Tech@Stern | Privacy and Antitrust for Digital Platforms

NYU Stern Professor Nicholas Economides and NYU Stern Fubon Center Director Natalia Levina discuss how dominant digital platforms (Google, Facebook) should be regulated on issues of privacy and antitrust.

Tech@Stern | Using AI and Blockchain to Monetize the Mobile Economy

NYU Stern Professor Anindya Ghose and NYU Stern Fubon Center Director Natalia Levina discuss topics such as privacy and the mobile economy, blockchain as a method for eliminating fraud, and more.

Tech@Stern | The Future of FinTech

Professors Kathleen DeRose and Arun Sundararajan discuss the definition of fintech, what a student should expect from a fintech major, the impact of regulation, and the upcoming NYU Stern FinTech Conference.

Tech@Stern | Blockchain beyond Bitcoin

Professor Hanna Halaburda explains why it's difficult to apply blockchain-based solutions to non-cryptocurrency applications, such as real-estate ownership records, voting information, or identity verification.

Tech@Stern | The Benefits and Costs of IP Protection

In this short video, Professor Walker Hanlon describes the costs and benefits of protecting Intellectual Property (IP), and explains how economists at NYU Stern are using natural experiments in history to better understand them.

Tech@Stern | Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Work

Professors Robert Seamans and Arun Sundararajan discuss the definition of A.I., the impact of A.I. on the economy, and the industries in which A.I. might create jobs or replace workers. Professor Seamans also discusses the tradeoffs that come with U.B.I. (Universal Basic Income).