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People at the Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation

Hub for Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration


Natalia Levina

Director of the Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation and Professor of Information Systems

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Headshot of Kathleen DeRose

Kathleen DeRose

Director of Fubon Fintech Initiative, Director of Stern Fintech Initiatives and Clinical Associate Professor of Finance

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Headshot of Foster Provost

Foster Provost

Director of Fubon Data Science and AI Initiative, Professor of Data Science, Professor of Information Systems and Andre Meyer Faculty Fellow

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Headshot of Melissa Schilling

Melissa Schilling

Director of Fubon Technology Innovation Initiative, John Herzog Family Professor of Management and Organizations

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Headshot of Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller

Assistant Director of the Fubon Center for Technology, Business and Innovation

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Doctoral Fellows

The Fubon Center offers a small number of merit-based research grants aimed at supporting 5th year Stern Doctoral Candidates with promising dissertation projects related to Fubon’s three research areas: FinTech, Data Analytics and AI, and Tech Innovation.

Headshot of Nicholas Garcia

Nicholas Garcia

The Struggles of Platform Governance

Headshot of German Gutierrez

Germán Gutiérrez

Big Data, Dominant Firms and Innovation: The Case of

Headshot of Katherine Hoffmann Pham

Katherine Hoffmann Pham

Essays on the Digital Future of Mobility

Headshot of Yosef Kalmenovitz

Yosef Kalmenovitz

 Regulatory Exposure and Technological Innovation

Headshot of Jungbae Kim

Jungbae Kim

PCAOB Inspections and Resource Allocation for Innovation

Headshot of Sung Lee

Sung Lee

Fintech Nudges: Overspending Messages and Personal Finance Management

Headshot of Sarah Lebovitz

Sarah Lebovitz

High Stakes Knowledge Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: An Inductive Field Study of Radiology Practices and Professionals

Headshot of Daniel Sands

Daniel Sands

Strategy, Evaluation, and Valuation in Markets: The Role of Third Parties the the Creation and Capture of Value

Founding Donor

Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai (MBA ’81), Chairman and CEO of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. together with Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd.

Richard Ming-Hsing Tsai

Chairman of Fubon Financial Holding Co., Ltd. and Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

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