Day of the Event

The day of your event is here! Below are some tips to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Prior to the start of the event:
  • Plan the event space and position signage so that attendees are guided into a friendly, accessible environment
  • Review staffing assignments and brief event staff on any last minute issues
  • Staff the registration desk with name cards in alphabetical order
  • Do a walk through of the event, and:
    • Inspect the venue for cleanliness, including restrooms, hallways and aisles
    • Confirm the catering
    • Ask media services to test the A/V equipment and sound system
    • Adjust the lighting and window treatments if necessary
    • Monitor the room temperature
    • Minimize outside noises and disturbances
  • Be available to greet your guests when they arrive.
  • Anticipate and be prepared for your guests' needs such as:
    • Coat/luggage storage
    • Access to the internet or phone
    • Location of restrooms

During the event:

Be accessible during the event and keep the event team apprised of any changes