Reserving Event Space for Co-Sponsored Events

***Important Note About Co-Sponsored Events with an External Organization***
If your Department or Center is considering a co-sponsored event (eg, hosted by a Stern team + an external organization), please be sure to connect with your Event Consultant for additional guidance on the approval process prior to submission in EMS. As a general rule, Stern does not rent space to non-NYU groups, but co-sponsored events may be considered.

Stern Sponsored & Co-Sponsored Events held at NYU Stern must meet the following guidelines:

Have a Stern event owner: The Event Owner is a department or center head; full-time faculty member; or administrator (director-level or above) and current Stern employee who has overall accountability and will serve as the official point of contact for the event. 

Responsibilities of the Stern Event Owner include:

  • Guiding the event planning and logistics
  • Liaising with the Offices of Special Events, Classroom & Event Technology Group (CETG), Public Affairs, Campus Safety, Stern Studio, Photo Bureau, Corporate Relations, Facilities, and outside groups
  • Attending the event
  • Accountable for all vendor payments (e.g., catering, A/V, security, rentals); must provide chartfield for charges (Note: External co-sponsors who order directly from an NYU-approved vendor may not take advantage of the University’s tax-exempt status.)
  • Adhere to NYU’s current COVID-19 guidelines and Stern-specific updates

Majority participation from NYU Stern community
Ex. 1 – Stern speakers showcasing research/thought leadership, School programming or initiatives
Ex. 2 – Significant proportion of audience/invitations to Stern students (current or prospective), faculty and/or alumni

Supports the Stern Brand

  • Partnership with an external organization should support and in no way harm the Stern brand. 
  • Whether to charge for admission and how to apportion proceeds must be determined in advance and agreed upon by all parties.
  • Please note: Activities that generate income and that are unrelated to the exempt function of the organization can jeopardize its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.  For questions, contact
  • Any installations (signage, lighting, rentals) must be pre-approved and coordinated through the Office of Special Events and NYU Building Services.  Gluing, taping, nailing or affixing any items to Stern property is strictly prohibited. 


  • If your event does not adhere to these guidelines, you may submit a written proposal to the Office of Special Events.  All proposals will be reviewed by a Vice Dean Advisory Council on Special Events with input from senior administration.  Without formal approval in these cases, you may not make commitments on the School’s behalf where facilities and resources are to be used.  Agreements that are made without formal approval may be abrogated at the Dean’s discretion. 
  • Previous occurrences of an event do not guarantee that an event will be approved in the future.
  • Please be aware that for NYU (non-Stern) events which have prior written confirmation from Stern’s Office of Special Events, the hosting organization is required to pay a rental fee for the space, to use NYU-approved suppliers including caterers, and to abide by all Stern policies related to on-site events, including but not limited to: presence of alcohol and proof of insurance.