Interaction with Government Officials

As NYU is a registered lobbyist on all levels of government (Federal, State and City), the University has set a policy to govern employees of the NYU community who act on behalf of NYU or who utilize NYU resources in connection with lobbying activity.

The full policy can also be found on the NYU website

Keep this policy in mind when reserving University space for government officials and alert the NYU Office of Government Afafairs of space requests and visits to campus by government officials. This will ensure any necessary reporting or documentation of the use of space by the government official. Please note that due to NYU's 501(c)(3) tax-exempty status, University resources (including NYU space) cannot be used to host or conduct partisan political events, which includes political fundraising.

Please contact the office in order to ensure that such events meet with the necessary rules and regulations before proceeding.

If there are any questions or concerns, the NYU Government Affairs office can be reached at 212-998-2400 or by email at