Entering Class Profile

Enrollment Statistics
Fall 2021 107

Class Demographics
Female 64%
Minorities* 53%
Underrepresented Minorities** 10%
Students with International Citizenship+ 45%
Number of Countries Represented 12
Average GMAT 701
Average GPA 3.60

Top Undergraduate Majors
Accounting: 49%
Finance: 19%
Economics: 15%
All Other Majors: 17%
Professional Experience
Average Years of Work Experience*** 3.56
Students with Work Experience 30%
+ Includes Foreign Nationals, Dual Citizens and Permanent Residents
* Percentage of US Citizen/ Permanent Resident matriculants who identify as any Ethnicity group except White, non-Hispanic 
** Percentage of US Citizen/Permanent Resident matriculants who identify as African American/Black, Hispanic, Native American/Alaskan Native, or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
*** Of those with work experience