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Economics @ NYU Stern UC

Economics provides the intellectual foundation for all business disciplines. Learning economics yields deep insights into fundamental concepts such as efficiency, markets, equilibrium, competition, cooperation, reputation, incentives, externalities, … It also endows professionals with technical knowledge which is in high demand in a variety of industries. What’s the revenue-maximizing auction for advertising on a social platform? Why does a decline in commodity prices tend to have dramatically different effects on emerging markets’ sovereign yields? These are only two among the uncountably many business questions you will be able to address by taking econ classes at Stern.

B.S. in Business

The Department of Economics is charged with delivering two of the foundational classes for the degree, i.e. Microeconomics and Economics of Global Business. Depending on their interests and professional aspirations, students can then choose from a large set of electives, and can opt for one of the concentrations offered by the department, Business Economics and Econometrics & Quantitative Economics (EQE).  

For any question on ECON classes, please contact Professor Pricila Maziero.

B.S. in Business and Political Economy

The Department of Economics is responsible for the entire Economics Core.  

For questions about BPE classes, please reach out to Professor Gian Luca Clementi.