Economic History Seminar

Fall 2022

Seminar Times & Location:

Fridays, 2:15 - 3:30pm
KMC 7-191

In-person seminars are limited to NYU community members with NYU IDs and access to the Violet Go pass.

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[CANCELLED] September 16: "Strengthening State Capacity: Postal Reform and Innovation during the Gilded Age"

Guo Xu (Berkeley)

paper link

September 30: "Answering the Call of Automation: How the Labor Market Adjusted to the Mechanization of Telephone Operation"

James Feigenbaum (Boston University)

paper link

October 7: "The Impact of Female Teachers on Female Students' Lifetime Well-Being"

Ciprian Domnisoru (Aalto School of Business - Helsinki GSE)

paper link

October 21: "Inappropriate Technology: Evidence from Global Agriculture"

Jacob Moscona (Harvard)

paper link

October 28: "Mobility for All: Representative Intergenerational Mobility Estimates over the 20th Century"

Elisa Jacome (Northwestern)

paper link

November 18: "Adaptation to Natural Disaster Risk: Lessons from Twentieth-Century American Flood Control Dams"

Jake Kantor (NYU)

December 9: "The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Air Pollution: Evidence from Socialist East Germany"

Moritz Lubczyk (University of Zurich, visiting NYU)

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