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Economic History Seminar

Spring 2023

Seminar Times & Location:

Fridays, 2:15 - 3:30pm
KMC 7-191

In-person seminars are limited to NYU community members with NYU IDs and access to the Violet Go pass.

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February 10th: "Bourbon Reforms and State Capacity in the Spanish Empire"

Felipe Caicedo (University of British Columbia)

paper link

March 10: "Strengthening State Capacity: Civil Service Reform and Public Sector Performance during the Gilded Age"

Guo Xu (UC Berkeley)

paper link

March 17: "When Did Growth Begin? New Estimates of Productivity Growth in England"

Jón Steinsson (UC Berkeley)

paper link

March 24: "The Distributional Consequences of Trade: Evidence from the Repeal of the Corn Laws"

Steve Redding (Princeton)

paper link

May 5: Paper Forthcoming

Carola Frydman (Northwestern)

Please contact Petra Moser ( or Asma Imam ( with any questions regarding the seminar.