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Department of Economics | Economic History Seminar

Economic History Seminar

Spring 2024

Seminar Times & Location:

Fridays, 2:15 - 3:30pm
KMC 7-191

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February 29: "The Parenthood Gap: Firms and Earnings Inequality After Kids"

Brenden Timpe (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Location: KMC 5-80

March 15: "Frontier History and Gender Norms in the United States"

Martin Fiszbein (Boston U.)

paper link

March 22: "The Great Depression Bank Deregulation Wave"

Sarah Quincy (Vanderbilt)

April 5: "You Only Weave Twice: Industrial Espionage and Economic Growth in XIX Century France"

Bruno Caprettini (University of St. Gallen)

April 12: "Revisiting the Link Between Electrification and Fertility: Evidence from the Early 20th Century United States"

Daniela Viedart (UConn)

paper link

May 3: "Culture of Honor"

Paola Giuliano (UCLA)

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