Economic History Seminar

Spring 2020

Virtual Seminars in Economic History are being offered from April through June 2020. Virtual seminars meet on Mondays from 11 am-12 pm Pacific / 2-3 pm Eastern / 8-9 pm Central European Summer Time. To receive virtual seminar announcements or suggest a paper, please sign up hereFor more details, visit
Virtual Seminars
Date Name Topic
April 6 Martin Rotemberg "Railroads, Reallocation, and the Rise of American Manufacturing"
April 20 Martin Fernandez-Sanchez "Mass Emigration and Human Capital over a Century: Evidence from the Galician Diaspora"
April 27 Tania Babina "Crisis Innovation"
May 4 Sara Lowes "The Legacy of Colonial Medicine in Central Africa"
May 11 Katherine Eriksson "The Rise of the Know Nothing Party"
May 18 James Feigenbaum "How the Other Half Dies: Immigration and Mortality in US Cities"
June 1 Elizabeth Cascio "Opening the Door:  Migration and Self-Selection in a Restrictive Legal Immigration Regime"
June 8 Mara Squicciarini "Devotion and Development: Religiosity, Education, and Economic Progress in 19th-Century France"
June 15 Fabian Waldinger "Discrimination, Managers, and Firm Performance. Evidence from "Aryanizations" in Nazi Germany"

The following in-person seminars have been cancelled from April 3rd onward:
Date Name Topic
February 21 Jake Kantor
(NYU Stern Graduate Student)
"Dams, Flood Control, and Downstream Development"
March 6 Colin Weiss
(Federal Reserve Board)
“Intermediary Asset Pricing during the National Banking Era”
Charles Calomiris
(Columbia GSB)
"Interbank Connections, Contagion and Bank Distress in the Great Depression"
Philipp Jager
(RWI Essen)
“Pension Incentives and Labor Supply: Evidence from the Introduction of Universal Old-Age Assistance in the UK”
May 1

*8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

**This is a daylong mini-conference.

Marcella Alsan
(Harvard Kennedy School)

Brian Beach

Mark Anderson
(Montana State)

Casper Worm Hansen


Please contact Petra Moser (, Walker Hanlon (, or Asma Imam ( with any questions regarding the seminar.