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Department of Economics | Econometrics Quantitative Economics Concentration

Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Concentration

EQE is a STEM-eligible program designed to endow students with the analytical toolkit of the modern professional economist, which includes coding, econometric methods, and advanced mathematics. EQE graduates pursue higher-level degrees or gain employment at hedge funds, economics research outfits, technology companies, and top consulting firms.

The concentration requirements are listed here.

Contact faculty: Pricila Maziero


Shagun Varma (class of 2020)

"I chose the Econometrics and Quantitative Economics concentration because of my passion for economics, math and research. The concentration’s unique course list provided me with analytical skills and programming tools that have proven to be widely applicable to just about any role involving quantitative reasoning or data analysis. These skills were especially helpful when conducting research for my Honors Program thesis. I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in research or graduate studies in economics!"  

Daniel Fridman (class of 2020)

"I chose EQE because in addition to integrating Stern’s leading coursework on economic policy, it is a program grounded in quantitative thought. The concentration left me with the scalable skillset of translating concepts into numbers, which is useful whether pursuing graduate school or not, and I came out of it feeling confident in my own statistical reasoning. Shoutout to Professor Stanley Zin for making the hardest parts seem…still hard but infinitely easier!"