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Frequently Asked Questions about the Program

Q: How does Stern’s PhD program differ from PhD programs in arts and science economics?

A: The content is the same. In fact, our students take the same core courses and comprehensive examinations as their colleagues in NYU's Graduate School of Arts and Science economics program.

Q: Then why should I apply to Stern?

A: The small size of our program allows our faculty to devote more personal attention to our students than most arts and science programs. Mentoring takes many shapes, including research assistantship and co-authoring.

Q: How many students do you have?

A: We enroll one to four students each year. This keeps the total size of the PhD program between ten and twenty students (see current student list).

Q: What kinds of jobs do your students get?

A: The greatest majority of our students take academic research positions in economics departments, business schools (economics, finance, strategy, and marketing), and central banks (see placement report).

Q: Do I need to major in economics as a undergrad?

A: No. Our program is intensive in mathematics, and any major that prepares you for rigorous thinking will be helpful. Past and current students have benefitted from a strong foundation in mathematics (e.g., through undergraduate and graduate course work in real analysis, measure theory, and probability theory).

Q: What fields can I study?

A: The expertise of our faculty and the broader NYU community supports PhD research in almost any field of economics. Our own faculty is particularly strong in macroeconomics (including applications to finance), industrial organization (including applied econometrics and theory), and economic history.

Q: How do I apply?

A: You can apply through the NYU Stern PhD office