Industrial Organization Seminar

Fall 2020

Seminar Time & Location:

Fridays, 11:00 am - 12:15 pm EST
Zoom (Links shared with IO mailing list. To join the IO mailing list, please contact Asma Imam.)

Faculty and students interested in attending the Interactive Online IO (aka IO^2) talks can find details of the Zoom procedure and schedule here

September 8th: “One Size Fits All? The Value of Standardized Retail Chains”

(IO)^2: Ben Klopack (Texas A&M)

Paper Link

September 18th: "Aiming for the Goal: Contribution Dynamics of Crowdfunding"

Aniko Oery (Yale)

Paper Link

September 22nd: “Product Innovation, Product Diversification, and Firm Growth: Evidence from Japan’s Early Industrialization”

(IO)^2: Chad Syverson (Chicago Booth)

October 2nd: Paper Forthcoming

Juan Camilo Castillo (UPenn)

October 6th: “Pass-Through and Welfare Effects of Regulations That Affect Product Attributes"

(IO)^2: Katalin Springel (Georgetown)

Paper Link

October 16th: Paper Forthcoming

Jakub Kastl (Princeton)

October 20th: “A Study of Umbrella Damages from Bid-Rigging”

(IO)^2: El Hadi Caoui (University of Toronto)

Paper Link

October 30th: Paper Forthcoming

Monica Morlacco (USC)

November 10th: “Testing Firm Conduct”

(IO)^2: Chris Sullivan (University of Wisconsin - Madison)

November 13th: Paper Forthcoming

Charlie Murry (Boston College)

November 17th: “Estimating An Auction Platform Game with Two-sided Entry”

(IO)^2: Marleen Marra (Sciences Po)

Paper Link

November 30th: Paper Forthcoming

Eduardo Morales (Princeton) Joint with Arts & Science Economics Applied Micro Seminar during the Applied Micro Seminar time (Monday, 4 pm).

December 1st: “Unobserved Heterogeneity, State Dependence, and Health Plan Choices”

(IO)^2: Ariel Pakes (Harvard)

December 11th: Paper Forthcoming

Martin Hackmann (UCLA) <Joint with Arts & Science Economics Applied Micro Seminar during the Stern IO Seminar time (Friday, 11 am).

Please check back for regular updates as speakers, papers, and topics will be updated throughout the semester.  
Please contact Asma Imam ( with any questions.