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Department of Economics | Macroeconomics Lunch Seminar

Macroeconomics Lunch Seminar

Spring 2024

Seminar Time & Location:

Thursdays, 12:30-1:30 PM
KMC 2-65

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February 22: "Job Ladder and Wealth Dynamics in General Equilibrium"

Leo Kaas (Goethe University Frankfurt)

paper link

February 29: "Economic Downturns, the Expenditure Distribution, and Markups Along the Quality Margin"

Jonathan Becker (NYU)

paper link

March 7: "Information Frictions and Price Stickiness"

Luca Gagliardone (NYU)

March 14: "Assortative Matching and Wages: The Role of Selection"

Katarina Borovičková (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)

March 28: "Monetary Policy Trade-offs at the Zero Lower Bound"

Bruce Preston (University of Melbourne)

April 4: "Houses and Families Across Countries"

Alessandra Peter (NYU)

April 11: "Private and Social Learning in Frictional Product Markets"

Guido Menzio (NYU)

paper link

April 18: "What Hundreds of Economic News Events Say About Belief Overreaction in the Stock Market"

Sydney Ludvigson (NYU)

paper link

April 25: "Monetary Policy Operations: Theory, Evidence, and Tools for Quantitative Analysis"

Ricardo Lagos (NYU)

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May 2: "The Green Transition in a Putty-Clay Model of Capital"

Simon Gilchrist (NYU)

Please check back for regular updates as speakers and topics will be updated throughout the semester.  

Please contact Erica Loh ( with any questions.