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FinTech Speaker Series

Managing Innovation: Lessons learned at Kakao

A Fireside Chat with Jihoon Rim, former CEO of Kakao, a $20+ Billion Tech Company in South Korea


Jihoon Rim was Fubon Center's 2019-2020 Executive in Residence, a NYU Stern visiting professor and former CEO of Kakao, a publicly traded technology company valued at $20+ billion in South Korea, best known for its mobile messenger Kakao Talk.

He was hired as Kakao's CEO when the company was facing a crisis in 2015, making him the youngest CEO of TOP 100 publicly traded companies in Korea. Under his leadership, Kakao successfully expanded its business into finance, content and mobility industry, disrupting the market and delivering services praised by users. He also heavily invested in Artificial Intelligence and technology, making Kakao the best mobile platform in Korea. The company’s revenue and operating profit doubled during his two and a half years term and acquisition of $1.6B LOEN Entertainment was evaluated as one of the best M&As in the Korean tech industry.

A Fireside Chat with Jihoon Rim


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Jihoon Rim

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