Doctoral Fellow Research

The Fubon Center offers a small number of merit-based research grants aimed at supporting 5th year Stern Doctoral Candidates with promising dissertation projects related to Fubon’s three research areas: FinTech, Data Analytics and AI, and Tech Innovation.

platform governance

The Struggles of Platform Governance

Nicholas M. Garcia, an information systems PhD candidate at NYU Stern, studies the management and governance of novel technologies such as blockchain and data science. He focuses on how technological features co-evolve with organizational politics and cultural behaviors.

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technology photo

Dominant Firm Advantages and Their Implications for Welfare: Evidence from 200 million Products Sold on

German Gutierrez, a finance PhD candidate at NYU Stern, studies how Amazon manages and competes on its platform, and what this means for consumers' well-being. 

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public transportation

Ridesharing and the Use of Public Transportation

Katherine Hoffmann Pham, an Information Systems PhD candidate at NYU Stern, studies the use of ridesharing in response to subway disruptions in New York City. While ridesharing increases during disruptions, the estimated increases are small, suggesting that the flexibility inherent in ridesharing platforms could be exploited further to act as "invisible infrastructure" in times of need.

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Man holds up "Help!" sign while hidden behind pile of papers

Regulatory Intensity

Joseph Kalmenovitz, a Finance PhD candidate at NYU Stern, studies how the enormous burden of federal regulations affects capital investment and employment.  

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computer and glasses photo

PCAOB Inspections and Resource Allocation for Innovation

Jungbae Kim, a PhD candidate in accounting at NYU Stern, studies the effect of auditor oversight on the financial reporting and real decisions. In particular, he examines the effect of auditor oversight on the valuation of intangible assets and investment for innovation activities.

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Abstract Building

Stern Fintech Research - Fintech Nudges and Personal Finance Management

Sung K. Lee, a finance PhD candidate at NYU Stern, studies the effectiveness of a money management app serviced by a major commercial bank in Canada. He focuses on the feature of overspending messages, which are sent to the users if their spending on a day exceeds twice their daily average spending

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AI photo

High Stakes Knowledge Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: An Inductive Field Study of Radiology Practices and Professionals

Sarah E. Lebovitz earned her PhD from NYU Stern in 2020. Her work examines how emerging technologies (e.g., AI and 3D printing) impact professionals and their work practices. 


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finance photo

Strategy, Evaluation, and Valuation in Markets: The Role of Third Parties in the Creation and Capture of Value

Daniel B. Sands, a PhD candidate in strategy and organization theory at NYU Stern, studies the role of third parties in markets. His research spans multiple empirical settings—including the restaurant, entertainment, and the aviation industries. 

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