Business Program

The NYU Stern Undergraduate College offers 13 concentrations:

* Entrepreneurship and Global Business can only be taken as co-concentrations. Please select a primary concentration to supplement the Entrepreneurship or Global Business concentration.

** Effective April 20, 2020, for students in the class of 2023 going forward, the Sustainable Business concentration is now a stand-alone concentration.  Students graduating prior to 2023 may pursue Sustainable Business as a co-concentration which must be taken as a supplement to a primary concentration.

Please note that requirements for certain areas of study may differ depending on whether you are taking it as a concentration versus a track. Please see the specific area of study to determine your selections.

Students may also pursue a secondary major outside of Stern through the College of Arts and Sciences after consulting with a Stern academic adviser.

Core Requirements

Below is an overview of our core requirements. You can find detailed information such as course descriptions, pre-requisites and more via the Registrar's Course Listing or our Course Index. You can also view this via our curriculum worksheet.

Liberal Arts Core

Our Liberal Arts Core allows students to think and write critically in a variety of areas and contexts.  This core consists of:
  • Calculus I (MATH-UA 121) or higher
  • Writing the Essay (EXPOS-UA 1) (or Commerce and Culture; MULT-UB 100)
  • Text & Ideas (CORE-UA 400-499)
    • Beginning in Fall 2020, some NYU sites will offer Texts & Ideas courses - check out the NYU Studay Abroad website for further information
  • Cultures & Contexts:
    • (CORE-UA 500-599) OR Global Cultures (via Liberal Studies Program; XXGC-UF)
Approved Cultures & Contexts Substitute Courses at NYU Washington Square and Study Away Locations
Study Away Location Course Number Course Name
Florence HIST-UA 9123/ MEDI-UA 9123 Italy During the Renaissance
Florence EURO-UA 9163 / HIST-UA 9168 / ITAL-UA 9868 Modern Italy
Florence HIST-UA 9186 History of Immigration in Europe After WWII
Florence HIST-UA 9538 Italian South
London HIST-UA 9085 / MEIS-UA 9691 What is Islam?
London HIST-UA 9198 Modern Imperialism, 19th and 20th Centuries
London HIST-UA 9452 / IDSEM-9101 / SOC-UA 9452 Immigration
London HIST-UA 9520 / MEIS-UA 9496 Islam and the West
London HIST-UA 9572 History of Slavery: Britain and Slavery
London SCA-UA 9913 Culture in Africa
Madrid MEIS-UA 9707 Islam and Spain (Taught in Spanish)
Madrid SPAN-UA 9255 Migration & Cultural Diversity in Spain (Taught in Spanish)
Paris FREN-UA 9150 Versailles - Life as Art
Paris FREN-UA 9865 Topics in French Culture: Food in France (Taught in French)
Paris FREN-UA 9907 France and Islam (Taught in French)
Prague ANTH-UA 9200 Roma in Central East Europe
Prague RELST-UA 9360 Religion, Culture & Politics in Central Europe
Prague RUSSN-UA 9261 Russia & East-Central Europe
Shanghai GCHN-SHU 110 Concept of China
Shanghai GCHN-SHU 264 Chinese Migrant and Diasporic Networks
Shanghai HIST-SHU 153 History of Modern China Since 1840
Shanghai HIST-SHU 172 China and the West: 1842-1949
Shanghai HIST-SHU 250 China at the Center
Shanghai HIST-SHU 312 China Encounters the World
Shanghai HUMN-SHU 366 Shanghai Stories
Sydney ANTH-UA 9037 Anthropology of Indigenous Australia
Sydney HIST-UA 9830 Pacific World Histories
Sydney SCA-UA 9809 The Australian Experience
Tel Aviv HBRJD-UA 9118 / HIST-UA 9524 / SASEM-UG 9550 Ancient Israel
Tel Aviv HBRJD-UA 9120 Sexualities in the Middle East
Tel Aviv HBRJD-UA 9948 / HIST-UA 9553 / MEIS-UA 9751 The Israeli and Palestinian Conflict
Washington Square Campus FREN-UA 163 French Civilization in the Making (in French)
  • Natural Science:
    • CORE 200-399
    • Any Biology (BIOL-UA)
    • Any Chemistry (CHEM-UA)
    • Any Physics (PHYS-UA)
    • Select ENVST-UA courses:
      • Approved effective Spring 2017: ENVST-UA 100, 210, 226/9226, 254, 275/9275, 323, 360 (Not approved: ENVST-UA 101 or ENVST-UA 4XX/5XX) all other ENVST can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
    • Select ANTH-UA courses:
      • Approved effective Fall 2017: ANTH-UA 2, 50-59, 80, 90, 240, 326, 511, 512 
    • Cognitive Neuroscience (PSYCH-UA 25), Developmental Psychology (PSYCH-UA 34) or Social Neuroscience (PSYCH-UA 35)

Social Impact Core

The Social Impact Core is a four-course sequence focusing on issues of personal and professional ethics;corporate social responsibility; the role of law in business and commerce; and the interconnections between corporations, markets, culture and governments, and our global society. This core consists of:
  • Business and Society (SOIM-UB 125)
    • Please note that if you have taken the IWW I (EXPOS-UA 4) and IWW II (EXPOS-UA 9) sequence, you are required to take Business and Society (SOIM-UB 3)
  • Organizational Communication & Its Social Context (SOIM-UB 65; a pre-requisite for ISP)
  • Law, Business & Society (SOIM-UB 6)
  • Professional Responsibility and Leadership (SOIM-UB 12)

Business Tools

The Business Tools core functions as a foundation for your subsequent courses at Stern.  The core consists of:
  • Cohort Leadership Program (MULT-UB 9)
  • Microeconomics (select one):
    • Microeconomics with Algebra (ECON-UB 1): this course includes multiple algebra and graphical problems and greater emphasis is placed on economic intuitions. Assessment is more qualitative and essay-based.  Use this this this helpful guide to learn more about what mathematical concepts you will be expected to know prior to enrolling in this course.
    • Microeconomics with Calculus (ECON-UB 2): this course is more quantitatively-based both in the topics covered and in the assessment.  Use this helpful guide to learn more about what mathematical concepts you will be expected to know prior to enrolling in this course.
  • Statistics for Business Control (STAT-UB 1)
    Regression/Forecasting Models (STAT-UB 3)
    Statistics for Business Control & Regression/Forecasting Models (STAT-UB 103)
  • Principles of Financial Accounting (ACCT-UB 1)

Functional Business Core

Students may choose four of the following six courses; however, you are encouraged to take all six to gain a more solid foundation in business fundamentals, which can help you make better informed decisions about which Stern concentration(s) to pursue.  This core consists of:
  • Managerial Accounting (ACCT-UB 4; not offered at any Study Away location)
  • Foundations of Finance (FINC-UB 2)
  • Info Tech in Business and Society (INFO-UB 1)
  • Management and Organizations (MGMT-UB 1)
  • Introduction to Marketing (MKTG-UB 1)
  • Operations Management (OPMG-UB 1)

Global Business Core

The Stern experience is designed to broaden each student's view of the world.  Given the undeniably global scope of business in the 21st century, all students are required to satisfy the two-course Global Business core.  The core consists of:
  • Economics of Global Business (ECON-UB 11; a pre-requisite for ISP)
  • International Studies Program (MULT-UB 11; junior spring)

Business Concentration

All Stern students are required to declare at least one concentration in order to graduate.  Students must have at least this one required concentration declared no later than the end of their junior year.  A concentration requires at least 12 credits in advanced coursework.  Please refer to our Business Program page for information on required and suggested coursework.  


All Stern students are required to take 44 units of electives. Of those units, at least 20 must be taken outside of Stern (excluding courses at the School of Professional Studies - SPS).
Any remaining elective credit can be taken at Stern (a secondary concentration, interesting electives, etc.) or can also be used to take coursework at other NYU schools.
Please refer to our electives page for more information.