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Research Preparation

Master of Science in Quantitative Economics

For students who aspire to pursue a research career in economics.

Master of Science in Quantitative Economics

In addition to the Pre-Doctoral Program offered through the Ph.D. Program, Stern now also offers a Master of Science in Quantitative Economics in partnership with the Department of Economics in the Graduate School of Arts and Science.

In contrast to Stern's Pre-Doctoral Program, the Master of Science in Quantitative Economics teaches students new skills and techniques in a year-long intensive programs. The goal is not just to make sure that students get into a Ph.D. program or a research sector of their choice, but to generate new skills that will help students through the demands of the Ph.D., or to flourish as a researcher in the private sector. For instance, a talented prospective student may not survive the pace and demands of the first year of a doctoral program. The MS program prepares students for those demands, and lets them demonstrate that they can handle them. It is a different approach that is based on actual, intensive teaching, rather than an assessment of their pre-existing talents. 

Learn more about this preparatory degree by visiting the program's website.